Sunday, October 26, 2008

Save youtube videos directly from Firefox3 cache

Open the youtube video page in firefox 3. Allow the video to play once.

Now the video is finished playing. Open a new tab in firefox 3. In the location bar (address bar) type


and press enter. A new page will load. In the page see the heading

Disk cache device

Under that there is “Cache Directory”. There will be a long address similar to one shown below

C:\Documents and Settings\usrname\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\abcd123h.default\Cache

Copy the full address (You must copy the cache link address from your computer. The above address is just to show and make you understand). Now open “My Computer”. In the address bar paste the already copied long address.

A folder will open. This folder contains the youtube video file in the form of cache. Note that the video file will be big in size. Now open VLC Media player or any other flv player. Drag and drop the bigger cache file in the media player. The file that plays the video is your video file. Copy and paste it in desktop. Rename the file to yourvideo1.flv (or any other name of your choice with flv extension).

Now you have saved the youtube video right from your firefox 3 cache rather than downloading it again.

You can watch the saved video while offline.

Tested in WinXP, Firefox3

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Friday, October 24, 2008

20,000 visitors completed

Congrats, we have reached 20k visitors count. i would like to thank all of you who kept visiting the site for updates and new visitors too. Stay tuned for updates. Thanks for your love and faith on this site. I will try my level best to improve it more in coming days. Your valuable suggestions are most welcome.

Vivek Sinha Anurag
[your egunda :)]

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Explorer crash on opening of some folder having viedos

While working on win xp i have faced many problems whose solution is not there even with MS people..

one such problem is the occurrence of explorer. According to ms people it happens because o corrupt codecs. But when it happened with me i couldn't found any such problem. Anyway.. they still didn't gave any solution for this. what happens exactly is that when you open some folder containing videos it results in a crash of explorer and explorer restarts and you get a window to sen error report.

Well, the solution [temporary] is that open that folder and quickly [before ur explorer crash again] change the view from thumbnails to ANY other.  Even after doing so the explorer will crash but next time when u open the same folder.. it wont crash again if its in icon view or detail view[but not thumbnail]. Now in explorer open Tools>folder options>view>now uncheck "hide protected os files" . a warning will be displayed.. ignore it.. click apply.

now goto that folder. you may see a file named thumbs.db. delete it. Now again goto Tools>folder options>view>now check "hide protected os files" for safety. and click apply

now u may again change the view of that folder to thumbnails. but if it crashes again then repeat the above said process and dont use the thumbnails view again for that folder until you format the system in future.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

All about Google

Google Logo
Google Logo
Ya ! not only mine, but I think this is also your’s favorite site.
So I thought to share all about Google, whatever I know.
Hope you all like this share from my side

Google Company Information: Public (NASDAQ: GOOG) and (LSE: GGEA)
Founded: Menlo Park, California (1998)
Location: Mountain View, California, USA
Key people: Eric E. Schmidt, Sergey Brin, Larry E. Page, George Reyes
Revenue: $6.593 Billion USD (2007)
Net Income: $4.203 Billion USD (2007)
Employees: 519,604 (30 June 2008)
2400 E. Bayshore Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043
Contact Phone: +1 650 318 0200 (US)
Contact Fax: +1 650 618 1499 (US)
PR(U) = (1-d) + d *

Google Form Elements -
Query Textbox: q
Google Search Button: btnG
Feeling Lucky Button: btnI
Official Google Blog:
Adwords API:
Blogger Buzz:
Google Base:
Google Code:
Google Enterprise:
Google Maps API:
Google Reader:
Google Research:
Google Talk:
Google Video:
Inside AdSense:
Inside AdWords:
Pigeon Rank:
Moonbase Google:
Google Gulp:
Google Romance:
Google Moms:
Google Holiday Logos:
Google Zeitgeist:
Google Jobs:
Google University Search:
Google Sitemaps:
Google AdSense:
Google AdWords:
Google Analytics:
Google Answers:
Google Base:
Google Blog Search:
Google Bookmarks:
Google Books Search:
Google Calendar:
Google Catalogs:
Google Code:
Google Code Search:
Google Deskbar:
Google Desktop:
Google Directory:
Google Earth:
Google Finance:
Google Groups:
Google Images:
Google Labs:
Google Local:
Google Maps:
Google Mars:
Google Mobile:
Google Moon:
Google Movies:
Google Music:
Google News:
Google Page Creator:
Google Personalized Homepage:
Google Reader:
Google Scholar:
Google Search History:
Google SMS:
Google Suggest:
Google Talk:
Google Toolbar:
Google Transit Trip Planner:
Google Translate:
Google Trends:
Google Video:
Google Web Accelerator:
Google Web API:
Google Web Search:
Music: -inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:îindex ofî mp3 ìArtist Nameî
Movies: -inurl:htm -inurl:html -inurl:php intitle:îindex ofî (mpg|mov|avi|wmv) ìMovie Nameî
Where Artist Name and Movie Name are replaced with the artist or movie you wish to find file directories for.
define:phrase: Show a list of definitions for phrase
cache: Google’s cache of
link: List of websites that link to List webpages similar to Show information that Google has about List all webpages hosted at
allintitle:query: Restrict the results to those with all of the query words in the title.
intitle:query: Restrict the results to documents containing that word in the title.
allinurl:query: Restrict the results to those with all of the query words in the URL.
inurl:query: Restrict the results to documents containing that word in the URL.
apple * sauce: the words apple and sauce separated by exactly one word
Nokia phone $100…300: Search within a range of numbers for a Nokia phone between $100…300
safesearch: sex education: Search for sex education material without returning adult sites
UPS tracking numbers example search: “1Z9999W99999999999″
FedEx tracking numbers example search: “999999999999″
Vehicle ID (VIN) numbers example search: “AAAAA999A9AA99999″
Telephone area codes example search: “650″
Patent numbers example search: “patent 5123123″
FAA airplane registration numbers example search: “n199ua”
+ addition
- subtraction
* multiplication
/ division
% modulus
% of percentage of
^ raise to a power
0×23 in decimal
40 in hexadecimal
212 F in C
1.21 gigawatts / 88 mph
the speed of light in miles / s
the speed of light in knots
two fortnights
days in a year
two plus two
1-0.9-0.1 = -2.77555756 °— 10-17
kibibyte in bytes
kbit/s in bit/s = 1,024 bit/second
1.5 LTL in EUR
29.95USD in AUD
100 Chilean peso in Brazilian real
2 Euros per liter in British pounds
per Imperial pint
half a cup in teaspoons
160 pounds * 4000 feet in Calories
google is registered with most of all domain suffixes…,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Sources: Some Random Sites
Picture: Google itself.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Free Domain Redirections

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online MD5 crackers ->sha1 ->sha1 ->sha1 ->sha1 ->sha1 ->sha1 id=7 ->sha1

lm Only:
some more links

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Some Google Tips

Google is clearly the best general-purpose search engine on the Web (see

But most people don't use it to its best advantage. Do you just plug in a keyword or two and hope for the best? That may be the quickest way to search, but with more than 3 billion pages in Google's index, it's still a struggle to pare results to a manageable number.

But Google is an remarkably powerful tool that can ease and enhance your Internet exploration. Google's search options go beyond simple keywords, the Web, and even its own programmers. Let's look at some of Google's lesser-known options.

Syntax Search Tricks

Using a special syntax is a way to tell Google that you want to restrict your searches to certain elements or characteristics of Web pages. Google has a fairly complete list of its syntax elements at

. Here are some advanced operators that can help narrow down your search results.

Intitle: at the beginning of a query word or phrase (intitle:"Three Blind Mice") restricts your search results to just the titles of Web pages.

Intext: does the opposite of intitle:, searching only the body text, ignoring titles, links, and so forth. Intext: is perfect when what you're searching for might commonly appear in URLs. If you're looking for the term HTML, for example, and you don't want to get results such as

, you can enter intext:html.

Link: lets you see which pages are linking to your Web page or to another page you're interested in. For example, try typing in


Try using site: (which restricts results to top-level domains) with intitle: to find certain types of pages. For example, get scholarly pages about Mark Twain by searching for intitle:"Mark Twain"site:edu. Experiment with mixing various elements; you'll develop several strategies for finding the stuff you want more effectively. The site: command is very helpful as an alternative to the mediocre search engines built into many sites.

Swiss Army Google

Google has a number of services that can help you accomplish tasks you may never have thought to use Google for. For example, the new calculator feature


lets you do both math and a variety of conversions from the search box. For extra fun, try the query "Answer to life the universe and everything."

Let Google help you figure out whether you've got the right spelling—and the right word—for your search. Enter a misspelled word or phrase into the query box (try "thre blund mise") and Google may suggest a proper spelling. This doesn't always succeed; it works best when the word you're searching for can be found in a dictionary. Once you search for a properly spelled word, look at the results page, which repeats your query. (If you're searching for "three blind mice," underneath the search window will appear a statement such as Searched the web for "three blind mice.") You'll discover that you can click on each word in your search phrase and get a definition from a dictionary.

Suppose you want to contact someone and don't have his phone number handy. Google can help you with that, too. Just enter a name, city, and state. (The city is optional, but you must enter a state.) If a phone number matches the listing, you'll see it at the top of the search results along with a map link to the address. If you'd rather restrict your results, use rphonebook: for residential listings or bphonebook: for business listings. If you'd rather use a search form for business phone listings, try Yellow Search


Extended Googling

Google offers several services that give you a head start in focusing your search. Google Groups


indexes literally millions of messages from decades of discussion on Usenet. Google even helps you with your shopping via two tools: Froogle

which indexes products from online stores, and Google Catalogs

which features products from more 6,000 paper catalogs in a searchable index. And this only scratches the surface. You can get a complete list of Google's tools and services at

You're probably used to using Google in your browser. But have you ever thought of using Google outside your browser?

Google Alert


monitors your search terms and e-mails you information about new additions to Google's Web index. (Google Alert is not affiliated with Google; it uses Google's Web services API to perform its searches.) If you're more interested in news stories than general Web content, check out the beta version of Google News Alerts


This service (which is affiliated with Google) will monitor up to 50 news queries per e-mail address and send you information about news stories that match your query. (Hint: Use the intitle: and source: syntax elements with Google News to limit the number of alerts you get.)

Google on the telephone? Yup. This service is brought to you by the folks at Google Labs


a place for experimental Google ideas and features (which may come and go, so what's there at this writing might not be there when you decide to check it out). With Google Voice Search


you dial the Voice Search phone number, speak your keywords, and then click on the indicated link. Every time you say a new search term, the results page will refresh with your new query (you must have JavaScript enabled for this to work). Remember, this service is still in an experimental phase, so don't expect 100 percent success.

In 2002, Google released the Google API (application programming interface), a way for programmers to access Google's search engine results without violating the Google Terms of Service. A lot of people have created useful (and occasionally not-so-useful but interesting) applications not available from Google itself, such as Google Alert. For many applications, you'll need an API key, which is available free from

. See the figures for two more examples, and visit

for more.

Thanks to its many different search properties, Google goes far beyond a regular search engine. Give the tricks in this article a try. You'll be amazed at how many different ways Google can improve your Internet searching.

Online Extra: More Google Tips

Here are a few more clever ways to tweak your Google searches.

Search Within a Timeframe

Daterange: (start date–end date). You can restrict your searches to pages that were indexed within a certain time period. Daterange: searches by when Google indexed a page, not when the page itself was created. This operator can help you ensure that results will have fresh content (by using recent dates), or you can use it to avoid a topic's current-news blizzard and concentrate only on older results. Daterange: is actually more useful if you go elsewhere to take advantage of it, because daterange: requires Julian dates, not standard Gregorian dates. You can find converters on the Web (such as


excl.gif No Active Links, Read the Rules - Edit by Ninja excl.gif

), but an easier way is to do a Google daterange: search by filling in a form at or

. If one special syntax element is good, two must be better, right? Sometimes. Though some operators can't be mixed (you can't use the link: operator with anything else) many can be, quickly narrowing your results to a less overwhelming number.

More Google API Applications offers three tools based on the Google API. The Google API Web Search by Host (GAWSH) lists the Web hosts of the results for a given query


When you click on the triangle next to each host, you get a list of results for that host. The Google API Relation Browsing Outliner (GARBO) is a little more complicated: You enter a URL and choose whether you want pages that related to the URL or linked to the URL


Click on the triangle next to an URL to get a list of pages linked or related to that particular URL. CapeMail is an e-mail search application that allows you to send an e-mail to with the text of your query in the subject line and get the first ten results for that query back. Maybe it's not something you'd do every day, but if your cell phone does e-mail and doesn't do Web browsing, this is a very handy address to know.

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Hacking Credit Cards - carding tutorial

Hacking credit cards is a very easy job. all you need is a pc and a vulnerable shop site

Warning: This tutorial is only meant for learning process. iplementing the method may land you behind bars. so better stay away from these activities.


1. Find target Website commerceSQL at, with keyword :


2. For example we get target with url :

3. Replace the URL to be :


4. Example to see admin config


5. Example to see admin manager

6. To see file log/ccnya ->

7. Done


1. Find target Website PDshopro at, with keyword allinurl:/shop/category.asp/

2. First we have to watch the database configuration by replacing the URL to be:

3. Target example :

4. We will get the name of databese : sdatapdshoppro.mdb

5. Now to download sdatapdshoppro.mdb file, you can replace the URL to be : http://

6. Open file .mdb- using Microsoft Access

7. Good luck !


1. Find target at with keyword allinurl:/cart32.exe/

2. For example we have target with url:

3. Replace that url to be ->

4. Modify that url with unicode at the end ->

5. example unicode for path /scripts/ : -->


For path path /cgi-bin/ ->

6. for example, at that url using path /scripts/ than relace to be\

7. End string unicode with dir+c:\ It means we are on the directory c server target!

8. For enter to the directory replace cc's unicode with ->\progra~1\mwainc\cart32\

9. We will get ouput and listing form.32 file'w, for example :WRBURNS-001065.c32

10. For viewing the file with unicode\progra~1\mwainc\cart32\WRBURNS-001065.c32

11. If it doesn't work, you have to try with another unicode.

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

How To Increase Scraps on Orkut

Well.. Most of you have seen people on orkut with profiles having scraps (10000+). and you wish your profile to be same.. so not to worry.. its possible. there are various ways of increasing(flooding) scrapbooks on orkut.
Thanks to the community which released the first ever scrapbook flooder (Vijay Floodmachine) with the help of which many people touched 18crore scraps count.

How Flooding is done.??
its simple.. its like many people scrapping you at almost same time..

For flooding you need multiple fake profiles. It can be created manually also and with the help of Fake profile makers too.. You may search for it in orkut community OUG. Another thing which you need is a flooder software. Thanks to Tree who updated the Tree Fm on request of OUG's members despite of his busy schedule and keeps on updating. You may download the latest version of TreeFM from the official link [dont download from any other place at it may hack your ids]
Download it from here :
Pass: oug
Updated On : 04:24AM 10/03/2008

PS: It will work on all profiles whether u have #main, weather u have or any other on your profile or not.

Note: It won't work on lower version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

You need atleast Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
Here is the way to Check your Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version

So, better uninstall your Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and let Treefm install correct Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on its own.
Or download and install on your own from here

How to use this software.. its simple.
here is the video tutorial on youtube.

keep few things in mind:
from one id dont scrap more than 50 scraps else the ids will be banned and will be deleted soon.
also dont flood too much on single day. the target profile may be banned temporarily by orkut. it will be ok in approx 4 hours.

Warning: if  orkut want it may delete your profile if you flood.. but who cares.. there are lakhs of profile on orkut with so much of scraps.. me too with 100000+ scraps..   :p

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Download Three Mistakes Of My Life - Chetan Bhagat

This Book is by Chetan Bhagat.

What strikes you first about Chetan Bhagat’s novels is the fact that this author writes about Indians and for Indians. His characters are young, ambitious and passionate and have the same moral, social and religious dilemmas as many of the young Indians today. At the same time their context and sensibility too is unabashedly Indian. The new and the third Bhagat book, “The3 mistakes of my life”, has all these qualities.

The setting is the city of Ahmedabad that though being urban is yet not as metropolitan as many of its metro counterparts. It retains its small town flavour in pols (colonies), traditional Indian households and small vegetarian joints. It has the protagonist Govind with his passion and acumen for accounts and business, it has Ishan for whom cricket is the element around which his life revolves and it has Omi, a priest’s son and a loyal friend who is game for anything that his friends are game for.

The book is based on real life events. It begins in a dramatic enough fashion with Bhagat receiving an e-mail from Govind who had taken many sleeping pills and was writing to him while waiting for the deadly sleep’s embrace. Chetan’s was shook enough by the incident to track the boy down to Ahmedabad hospital. Fortunately he was still alive to tell the tale. The book is loosely based on the three mistakes Govind made in his life.

What follows is a mix of cricket, religion, business, love and friendship. Govind sets up a sport shop along with his friends in the temple compound with Omi’s family’s help. The shop prospers as Ishan coaches young boys in cricket and Govind teaches maths to Ishan’s sister Vidya who also captures his heart. Ishan then meets Ali, a child master with hyper reflex condition that makes him hit each ball for a six. Ali becomes the talent Ishan never had and Ali’s destiny becomes his own.

Enter Omi’s Bitoo mama, a communal party man bent on converting the young into fighters in the name of Hinduism. Situations come to a head and Ahmedabad burns in riot fires. Omi dies saving Ali and Ishan finds out about Vidya and Govind, a betrayal he does not forgive. These events lead Govind to his death-bed and that is when he writes the email to Bhagat.

Perhaps, this is the biggest compliment an author can receive. Its not when New York Times describes as you the biggest selling English language author in the country and not when you have sold more than two million books but it is definitely when someone chooses to remember him in his last minutes. After all, the purpose of all writing is to touch someone’s heart. And Bhagat seems to have done just that.

“The 3 mistakes of my life” is written simply and has the quality that makes one want to read the book cover to cover in one sitting. The pricing of the book is just right for his target audience. At Rs95, this book is indeed value for money and time. Bhagat’s other book, One night at the rate of call centre is already being made into a Bollywood multi-starer. This book too has all the masala, emotion and pace to become a potential blockbuster.

P.S. Neither i have scanned it nor uploaded it. I am not at all responsible if it violates any copyright act.

You may purchase this book from HERE 


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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How To Renew IP address

It sometimes becomes necessary to manually renew your IP address. If you suddenly realize you do not have an Internet connection, you can often simply right-click the computer icon in the task bar near the clock of your XP desktop (If this icon is present). This will go through a process of resetting your IP address.

But if you do not have this option, you can go to START>RUN and type cmd. At the command line type ipconfig /release (or winipcfg /release in earlier versions of Windows). Then hit ENTER. Next, type ipconfig /renew and you should get a new IP address from the router.

If you have a cable modem, you may want to also renew its IP address. First, go ahead and release the IP address on the PC, then shut the computer down. Next, unplug the cable modem for a couple of minutes, then plug it back in again. Once all of the modem lights are green, power up the PC again. It should automatically renew its IP at boot.

Note: If you have a router, you'll want to unplug it, as well, then plug it back in AFTER you plug in the modem, but before you power up the PC. The router will need to supply the PC with a new IP address.

Even without hard rebooting your router you may easily reboot it if you are able to log into it. For logging into the router control pannel..simply type or [depends on router too] and enter the user name and password which is genarally common [admin, password etc]. simplly click on reboot modem option and you are done

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Monday, October 13, 2008

What happened in your absencse on your pc

with the help of inbuilt windows os feature

1. start > run >eventvwr.msc

Events are stored in three log files: Application, Security, and System. These logs can be reviewed and archived.
For our purposes we want the System log. Click on "System" in the left-hand column for a list of events.
Look for a date and time when you weren't home and your computer should have been off.

2. Double click on the eg: information and it will show u the detail.

You can also use this log to see how long someone was on the computer. Just look at the time the computer was turned on and off for that day.

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Easy Wifi Radar

Some things in life should be free. Easy WiFi Radar s you find and connect to open wireless access points with a single mouse click. It's WiFi for Dummies. And we're giving it away. If you have ever tried to use Windows XP's built-in connection manager, you know what a hassle it can be to quickly check your mail or browse the web on the go. You need to browse through a list of access points, find one that you can connect to, manually try to connect to it, confirm the connection and then wait. Even if it says that's it connected, often it doesn't open a webpage or you mail will stall. Easy WiFi Radar automates all of this. It's main goal is to let you get your mail or surf the web without having to go through all of the connection trouble, and without having to pull your creditcard. Just run it and it'll connect you for FREE to the internet. It doesn't get easier than this.

Get your mail and browse the web without being charged. The ideal WiFi-tool for frequent travellers and mobile professionals. Easy WiFi Radar will connect to open hotspots automatically and shows you exactly what it is doing in a cool animated radar screen. Access points are represented as green, yellow or red dots. It plays a sound and opens your web browser as soon as it succesfully finds a free connection. Download your copy now.

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Wifi Hacks (2009)

Wifi Hacks AIO 2009
27 in 1 WiFi Hacks Tools & E-Books

Hacks page 1:
* Comm View for WiFi v5.2484
* Pure NetWorks NetWork Magic 2
* Air Crack
* AP Sniff
* Comm View
* Aerosol
* Easy WiFi Radar
* Boingo Wireless

Hacks page 2:
* Get Wep Key Of Encrypted Wireless Connection
* WiFi Companion v2.10.4
* Net Stumbler
* WiFi Hack Tools
* WiFi Internet Access Blocker
* iPig WiFi HotSpot VPN Security

Hacks page 3:
* Hot Spotter v0.4
* Kismet
* AirShort v0.2.7e
* WiFi Hopper v1.2
* Wireless NetWork Ignition
* Wepwedgie - alpha
* Wep Crack

* O-Reilly Wireless Hacks
* System Cracking 2k
* FB! Teaches how to break WiFi
* Collection of Hacking Dictionary
* How to Crack WEP


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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Make free calls

there are many sites today which will provide you this facility.

i found this one working fine..

so start calling your friends located anywhere

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Friday, October 10, 2008

The Little Black Book of Computer Viruses

Mark Ludwig
American Eagle Publications, Inc.
ISBN 0-929408-02-0

Book cover
Photo: Mark Ludwig


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The Giant black book of computer virus

The Giant black book of computer virus

download link:

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Google Chrome Tips, Tricks, Hacks and Shortcuts

googlechrome Google Chrome Tips, Tricks, Hacks and Shortcuts
Its been a long time that google launched the powerful Google Chrome web browser,
here on, i will Provide some Useful Google Chrome Tips, tricks, Hacks and shortcuts, that one should know if you are a google fan.
Here we Go:–
1. Create application shortcut : Create desktop and Start menu shortcuts to web apps such as Gmail - go to and then select  from the Page Control menu (in the top-right corner of your browser - it looks like a page with the corner folded over). Now choose where you want to place your shortcut. This works for other Google apps such as Calendar and Documents, and other services such as Windows Live Hotmail.

2. Control + Shift + N opens an ‘incognito’ window - sites you view in this window won’t appear in your history and cookies served by sites in this window will be deleted when the window is closed.
3. You can open a link in an incognito window by right-clicking the link and selecting Open link in incognito window.
4. Alt + Home loads your Google Chrome home page, with thumbnails of your most visited sites shown in the active tabbed window.
5. Control + T opens a new tab. You can drag tabs around to change their order or drag a tab out of the window into its own window.
6. Control + Shift + T opens your most recently closed tab. Press the key combination again to open the tab closed before that one. Google Chrome remembers the last 10 tabs you’ve closed.
7. Jump to different open tabs using Control + 1, Control + 2, Control + 3, etc. Control + 9 takes you to the last tab.
8. Control + Tab lets you cycle through your open tabs in order.
9. Control + Shift + Tab cycles through your tabs in the opposite order.
10. As with Firefox 3, you can drag a link onto a tab to open it in that tab, or drop it between two tabs to open a new tab in that position.
11. To bookmark a site click the star on the left of the address bar and then select a folder to add it to.
12. Control +B hides the Google Chrome bookmarks bar. Press Control + B to bring it back again.
13. Right-click or hold down the back button and you’ll get a drop-down list of sites to go back through. Show Full History, at the bottom of the list, opens a new tab with your full browser history.
14. Control + H is a faster way to bring up the History page.
g-chrome Google Chrome Tips, Tricks, Hacks and Shortcuts15. You can delete history for chosen days by scrolling to the day you want to delete and clicking Delete history for this day on the right-hand side of the window.
16. Control + J brings up your Downloads page.
17. To clear an item from your Downloads page, right-click an entry and select Remove.
18. Press Control + K or Control + E to search from the address bar. Once pressed, you’ll see a ? symbol appear in the address bar and you can simply enter your search query and hit Return.
19. Right-click the top of the browser window and select Task manager to see how much memory different tabs and plug-ins are using. Highlight one and click End process to stop it running.
20. Shift + Escape is a quicker way to bring up the Google Chrome Task manager.
21. To see what plug-ins are installed, type about:plugins into the address window.
22. You can also type the following commands into the Google Chrome address window: about:stats, about:network, about:histograms, about:memory, about:cache, about:dns.
23. Type about:crash to see what a crashed tab looks like.
24. A three-second diversion: type about:internets. (Only works in Windows XP.)
25. Edit any web page - right-click a page and select Inspect element. Now edit the HTML source code and hit Return to view the changes.
26. To make Google Chrome your default browser, click the Tools button (in the right-hand corner of the browser window - a spanner icon). Select Options, click the Basics tab and then click the Make Google Chrome my default browser button.
27. To delete cookies, go to Tools > Options > Under the Hood. Scroll down to the Security section, and click Show cookies. Now you can click Remove all or remove individual cookies.
28. To clear more data such as the Google Chrome browsing history and cache, click the Tools icon and select Clear browsing data…
29. To clear the most visited web sites that appear on your Google Chrome start page, you must clear your browsing history using the method above.
30. Clearing your Google Chrome browser history will also stop matches from previously browsed sites appearing as suggestions in your address bar.

this article is taken from

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Wireless Hack Toolz (2008)

Tools included
* NetStumbler-0.4.0: wireless access point identifier - listens for SSIDs

and sends beacons as probes searching for access points.

* Kismet-2005-08-R: wireless sniffer and monitor - passively monitors wireless traffic

and sorts data to identify SSIDs, MAC addresses, channels and connection speeds.

* Wellenreiter-v1.9: WLAN discovery tool - uses brute force to identify low traffic

access points; hides your real MAC address; integrates with GPS.

* WEP-0.1.0: Unix based-pearl aplication encryption breaker - *****s 802.11 WEP

encryption keys using the latest discovered weakness of RC4 key scheduling.

* Airsnort-0.2.7e: encryption breaker - passively monitoring transmissions,

computing the encryption key when enough packets have been gathered.

* Wepwedgie-0.1.0-alpha: for toolkit that determines 802.11 WEP keystreams

and injects traffic with known keystreams in order to ***** WEP in minutes.

* Hotspotter-0.4: Wireless client attacking too.

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Big Hack Pack 2008

APP LisT :
AOL new
Astaroth Joiner v2
Cable Modem Sniffer
CGI Founder v1.043
DDL Sites
E-mail Cracker
F.B.I - Binder
FTP Brute Forcer
~Censored~ Mail Bomber 2.3
Hack FLASH Template
Hack MY Space
Hack Photoshop CS2
Hook Tool Box
Hotmail Email Hacker
Hotmail HAcker Gold
Hotmail ScamPage
Key Changer
Legion NetBios Scanner v2.1
Mail Boomb_2.0 YAHOO
MooreR Port Scanner
MSN Flooder 2.0
MSN Messenger Account Cracker v2.0
NetBIOS Name Scanner
NFO Maker 1.0
On-Off MSN
OS Update Hack
P0kes WormGen 2.0
Php Nuke Hacker v11.0
phpBB Annihilator
phpbb attack
phpbb bruteforcer
PhpBB pass extractor
Ping & Nukes
Port Listener XP
Pure phpBB Email harvester
rainbowcrack-1.2-src win-lin
Remote Shut Down
Server 2003 Keygen
Server Killer
Source Checker
source codes
SQLScan v1.0
Stealth - HTTP Scanner v1.0 build 23
TinaSoft KILL
UC.Forum Spam
Ultra Dos
Visa Spam
Warez Sites
Web Cracker 2.0
WebCracker 4.0
Win XP Activator
Windows XP Corperate Keygen
Windows XP KeyGen
Windows XP Product Key Changer
Windows XP Product Key Checker
Windows XP Product Key Viewer
Yahoo Password


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Monday, October 6, 2008

Check this free remote desktop

in win xp
Click on START--> All programs --> accessories--> communication --> remote desktop connection

Type and click on connect

username --test
pass - test
in third -UTI

no need of any install any softwere

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Firefox hangs

When a program no longer accepts user input and does not seem to be performing any actions, it may be hanging. A program that is hanging may be stuck in a situation from which it cannot escape. Other terms for hanging are "freezing" or "not responding."

  • A hanging program is different from a program that has crashed. A crash ends the program.
  • A hanging program does not respond to your actions. In other situations, Firefox responds to your menu and button actions but fails to load any websites.
This article describes different situations in which Firefox may hang and what you can do to correct the problem and prevent it from happening in the future.

Hang loading first window

A Firefox hang while loading the first browser window may be caused by hyper-threading. A feature on some Intel Pentium 4 processors, hyper-threading is designed to improve performance, but it can also cause Firefox to hang.
If your computer has an Intel Pentium 4 processor and you use Windows 2000 and XP, you can disable hyper-threading for Firefox:
  1. Right-click the shortcut icon you use to start Firefox.
  2. Select Properties.
  3. Select the Compatibility icon.
  4. Select Run this program in compatibility mode.
  5. In the drop-down for compatibility mode, select Windows 98/Windows ME.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Restart Firefox to see if the hanging has gone away.

Hang loading every window

The SwitchProxy Tool extension checks for updates each time a new window is opened. This is a known issue.
If you use SwitchProxy Tool, you can disable it to see if hanging is prevented:
  1. At the top of the Firefox window, click the Tools menu and then select Add-ons. The Add-ons dialog appears.
  2. Select the Extensions panel. The list of installed extensions is displayed.
  3. Select SwitchProxy Tool.
  4. Click Disable.
  5. From the menu at the top of the Firefox window, select File and then select the Exit menu item.
  6. Restart Firefox. Open several new windows to see if Firefox no longer hangs.

Hang downloading files or saving images

Firefox may hang when downloading files if your download history has grown too large. To fix this issue, the following steps clear the download history:
  1. At the top of the Firefox window, click the Tools menu and then select Clear Private Data.... The Clear Private Data dialog appears.
  2. Deselect all boxes except Download History.
  3. Click Clear Private Data Now. The download history is cleared.
  4. Download some sample files to see if the hanging has stopped.

Hang opening the History menu or the History sidebar

Firefox may hang when using the Go menu, History sidebar, or other features if your browsing history has grown too large. To fix this issue, the following steps clear the browsing history:
  1. At the top of the Firefox window, click the Tools menu and then select Clear Private Data.... The Clear Private Data dialog appears.
  2. Deselect all boxes except Browsing History.
  3. Click Clear Private Data Now. The browsing history is cleared.
  4. With the browsing history cleared, Firefox features such as the Go menu and the History sidebar should perform faster.
To prevent a recurrence of this issue, you can configure Firefox to retain a smaller browsing history:
  1. At the top of the Firefox window, click on the Tools menu, and select Options....
  2. Select the Privacy panel.
  3. In the Keep my history for at least XX days text box, enter a value that is less than the current one. This value defines the number of days that Firefox retains browsing history; a lower figure should result in less retained browsing history.
  4. Click OK.

Hang loading websites

Automatic proxy configuration file

If you're using an automatic proxy configuration file (PAC), Firefox may hang when you attempt to load sites that don't exist or that you haven't opened recently. To determine if you use an automatic proxy configuration file:
  1. At the top of the Firefox window, click on the Tools menu, and select Options....
  2. Click the Advanced icon.
  3. Click the Network tab.
  4. Click Settings. The Connection Settings dialog appears.
  5. If Automatic proxy configuration URL is selected, you are using an automatic proxy configuration file. Do not disable this setting, which will prevent you from accessing the Internet. Instead, provide this link to your network administrator.
  6. Click Cancel.

Duplicate Session Restore files

Firefox may be be slow to respond or hang if multiple copies of its Session Restore file have been created:
  1. From the menu at the top of the Firefox window, select File and then select the Exit menu item.
  2. Open the Firefox profile folder.
    • To find your profile folder, see Profiles.
  3. Locate and delete the sessionstore.js file and any copies, such as sessionstore-1.js, sessionstore-2.js.


Sites that use plugins such as Java, Adobe Reader, or Flash can cause Firefox to hang. For information on troubleshooting plugins, and on determining whether a plugin is causing your problem, see the Troubleshooting plugins article.

Hang switching tabs

Spybot S&D's "Immunize" feature can add a large number of entries into the Firefox cookie configuration file. This can cause slowdown while switching tabs.
  1. Open Spybot S&D
  2. Click the Immunize icon on the left side of the window.
  3. Right-click in the Immunization list and choose Deselect all from the context menu.
  4. In the Firefox section, put a check mark next to each item.
  5. Click Undo at the top of the window.

Hang after prolonged use

Firefox may hang if left open for long periods of time. To fix the issue, restart Firefox.
If you regularly leave Firefox open so that you return to where you left off, you may want to use Firefox's Session Restore feature. When you exit the program, Firefox can remember your open windows and tabs. When you restart Firefox, you can optionally reload those windows and tabs.
To enable Session Restore:
  1. At the top of the Firefox window, click on the Tools menu, and select Options....
  2. Click the Main icon.
  3. From the When Firefox starts drop-down, select Show my windows and tabs from last time.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Firefox is now configured to remember your windows and tabs. You can close Firefox without losing the currently opened web pages, which may prevent Firefox from hanging.

Hang deleting bookmarks folder

Trying to delete a bookmarks folder that contains many bookmarks and multiple levels of subfolders can cause Firefox to hang. To work around this problem, delete unwanted bookmark subfolders in small steps.

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Insider Attack and Cyber Security Beyond the Hacker


Springer Science | ISBN- 13-978-0-387-77321-6 | Jan 2008 | English | PDF | 2.76 MB | 228 Pages

Hackers, especially "terrorist hackers" or "cyberwar hackers" get lots of press. They do indeed pose a serious problem. However, the threat they pose pales be- fore that posed by those closest to us: the insiders. The cyberthreat posed by insiders isn’t new. Donn Parker’s seminal 1978 book Crime by Computer estimated that 95% of computer attacks were committed by authorized users of the system. Admittedly, this was in the pre-Internet era, when very few non-insiders had any access at all; still, the underlying issue – that em- ployees are not always trustable – remains. To be sure, this has always been true – thieving or otherwise corrupt workers have undoubtedly existed since commerce itself – but the power of computers (and our inability to secure them in the best of circumstances) makes the problem far worse today. In June 2007, a workshop (sponsored by Cliff Wang of the Army Research Of- fice) on the insider threat was held. Approximately 35 invitees attended, including security
researchers, vendors, practitioners, and representatives of organizations that perceive a serious insider threat. The goal was to develop a research commu-nity on the insider threat. Of necessity, our first steps were to understand the scope of the problem, to develop a common vocabulary, and to start sketching a research agenda. This volume consists of papers contributed by some of those at-tendees.

Types of Attack
Fundamentally, there are three different types of attack: misuse of access, defense bypass, and access control failure. Each must be approached differently.


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Friday, October 3, 2008

Virus Removal Tools 159 In 1


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Uniblue Driverscanner 2009

The DriverScanner application was designed to help you scan and update your outdated system drivers to release the full power of your PC with Uniblue's powerful new driver download management tool.

Here are some key features of "DriverScanner":

? User Interface
? Windows Familiar GUI
? System overview and recommendations
? System tray shortcut
? Shows Scan Progress
? Shows driver statuses
? Extensive Manual and Help
? LiveUpdate
? Inbuilt reporting system for bad drivers
? Driver Scan
? Scan summary and download history
? Driver download management technology
? Disk drives scan
? Display adapters scan
? DVD/CD-ROM drives scan
? IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers scan
? Monitors scan
? Network adapters scan
? Processors scan
? Other devices scan
? Sound, video and game controllers scan
? System devices scan
? Universal serial bus controllers scan
? Unplugged devices scan
? Simultaneous driver downloads
? Backup & Restore
? Easy driver backup
? Easy driver restore
? Windows restore points
? DriverScanner Settings
? Minimize DriverScanner to taskbar
? Minimize DriverScanner to tray
? Select number of simultaneous downloads


? Intel Pentium 4 1GHz or Equivalent processor
? 512 MB RAM
? 500 MB free hard disk space
? Additional space for driver backups and new drivers
? Graphics mode 1024x768 true color (highest 32-bit)
? Internet Explorer 6
? Internet connection


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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Windows Admin Password

Windows Admin Password Hack

Windows Admin Password Hack | 2,15MB
Use this software for reseting admin password for winxp, just burn to cd then boot and follow the instructions

Download Link :-

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How to hack a wireless network with password

This way of circumventing encryption WEP for wireless was developed and explained by agents of an American organizacación recognized.

Demonstrating that you can crack a wireless network in less than 3 minutes with the right tools.

4.20 MB


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Save Profile DP [display pic on ORKUT]

Save Profile DP

this trick works only on Mozilla Firefox

1) go to the Profile Page

2) press ctrl + U , page source will open

3) press ctrl + F , it will add a search box on page source

4) type medium in search bar and a image link will b highlighted

ex : http:// img2. orkut .com/images/medium/1222070185/102961784/lm. jpg

then copy paste whole image link in another window and you are done ..

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Blinking cursor problem in firefox.

To be frank i am firefox fan but few things i dont like about it..

yesterday i saw that my firefox started showing cursor and it was blinking. i tried hell a lot to recityfy this problem. disable greasemonkey too. but it remained.

One solution i found of creating a new integer value named "ui.caretBlinkTime" = 0
In address bar type about:config.

then right click on browser anywhere and select new->integer
give name "ui.caretBlinkTime" and value = 0
But this only stopped blinking.. the cursor remained visible.

Then i got a simple solution :p

just pressed F7 key and it vanished!!!

it was so simple but took so much of time. Poor me :-(

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mobile BlueTooth Hacking and Extras (AIO)

Hack the bluetooth with this awesome package:
Super Bluetooth Hack

Once connected to a another phone via bluetooth you can:
- read his messages
- read his contacts
- change profile
- play his ringtone even if phone is on silent
- play his songs(in his phone)
- restart the phone
- switch off the phone
- restore factory settings
- change ringing volume
- And here comes the best
"Call from his phone" it includes all call functions like hold etc.
Super Bluetooth Hack for S60 2nd-3rd devices.

Works very well on Sony Ericsson and Nokia phones

Plus some handy extra's!!!!

Download link

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Cisco LABS Tutorials

* CNAP Fundamentals of Wireless LANS V1.0
* CNAP Fundamentals of Wireless Lan V1.1
* CNAP Fundamentals of Wireless LANs V1.1
* CNAP Fundamentals of Java Programming V1.2
* CNAP Fundamentals of Java Programming V1.1
* CNAP CCSP Cisco Secure PIX Firewall Advanced V 2.0
* CNAP Fundamentals of Network Security V 1.1 CNAP CCNA 3.0 Bridge 1
* CNAP CCNA Networking Basics V3.0
* CNAP Fundamentals of Web Design V1.2
* CNAP Intrusion Detection System V2.1
* CNAP IT Essentials I - PC Hardware and Software V2.0
* CNAP IT Essentials II - Network Operating Systems V2.0
* CNAP Virtual Private Networks V1.01
* CNAP Fundamentals Of UNIX V2.0
* CNAP PIX Firewall Advanced V2.0
* CNAP PIX Firewal Advanced V1.01
* CNAP PIX Firewall Fundamentals V1.11
* Cisco Press - Introduction to Cisco Router Configuration
* Cisco IT Builder


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Hacking Windows XP

Get ready for some down-and-dirty hackin'! Over 200 serious hacks readers can use to force Windows XP to do it their way, Hacking Windows XP - By: Steve Sinchak written in the ExtremeTech no-holds-barred style.

Sinchak doesn't waste time tweaking Movie Maker or Instant Messenger-these hacks are heavy-duty, detailed instructions for squeezing every drop of power from Windows XP and maximizing speed, appearance, and security.

Not for the faint of heart! This book is written for users who aren't afraid to roll up their sleeves, risk voiding their warranties, take total control of the task bar, uninstall programs that are supposedly permanent, and beef up boot speed.

Mines gems like unlocking hidden settings, customizing boot screens, supercharging online and program launch speed, maximizing the file system and RAM, and dumping hated features for good.

Written by the creator of, a site considered Mecca for Windows hackers and trusted by more than ten million Windows XP users worldwide.


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Paperback: 451 pages
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Osborne Media; 3 edition (December 4, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 007149426X

The latest Windows security attack and defense strategies

“Securing Windows begins with reading this book.” –James Costello (CISSP) IT Security Specialist, Honeywell

Meet the challenges of Windows security with the exclusive Hacking Exposed “attack-countermeasure” approach. Learn how real-world malicious hackers conduct reconnaissance of targets and then exploit common misconfigurations and software flaws on both clients and servers. See leading-edge exploitation techniques demonstrated, and learn how the latest countermeasures in Windows XP, Vista, and Server 2003/2008 can mitigate these attacks. Get practical advice based on the authors’ and contributors’ many years as security professionals hired to break into the world’s largest IT infrastructures. Dramatically improve the security of Microsoft technology deployments of all sizes when you learn to:
Establish business relevance and context for security by highlighting real-world risks
Take a tour of the Windows security architecture from the hacker’s perspective, exposing old and new vulnerabilities that can easily be avoided
Understand how hackers use reconnaissance techniques such as footprinting, scanning, banner grabbing, DNS queries, and Google searches to locate vulnerable Windows systems
Learn how information is extracted anonymously from Windows using simple NetBIOS, SMB, MSRPC, SNMP, and Active Directory enumeration techniques
Prevent the latest remote network exploits such as password grinding via WMI and Terminal Server, passive Kerberos logon sniffing, rogue server/man-in-the-middle attacks, and cracking vulnerable services
See up close how professional hackers reverse engineer and develop new Windows exploits
Identify and eliminate rootkits, malware, and stealth software
Fortify SQL Server against external and insider attacks
Harden your clients and users against the latest e-mail phishing, spyware, adware, and Internet Explorer threats
Deploy and configure the latest Windows security countermeasures, including BitLocker, Integrity Levels, User Account Control, the updated Windows Firewall, Group Policy, Vista Service Refactoring/Hardening, SafeSEH, GS, DEP, Patchguard, and Address Space Layout Randomization

About the Author
Joel Scambray, CISSP, is Chief Strategy Officer at Leviathan Security Group ( His nearly 15 years of information security experience encompasses roles as a corporate leader (senior management positions at Microsoft and Ernst & Young), entrepreneur (co-founder of Foundstone), successful technical consultant for Fortune 500 firms, and internationally recognized speaker and author of multiple security books, including all five editions of Hacking Exposed: Network Security Secrets & Solutions.

Stuart McClure, CISSP, an independent computer security consultant, is one of today’s leading authorities on information security. He was SVP of Global Threats and Research for McAfee where he led an elite global security team fighting the most vicious cyber attacks ever seen. Stuart is the coauthor of multiple security books, including all five editions of Hacking Exposed: Network Security Secrets & Solutions.

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Lynda Joomla 1.5 Essential Training | Joomla! 1.5 Essential Training
with: Joseph LeBlanc

Many types of websites can be built and maintained more easily using a content management system (CMS). A CMS provides a web-based interface for creating and organizing content. The content is stored in a database, then consistently presented according to a set of templates and preferences, which eliminates the need to handcraft each page in HTML. Joomla! is a popular, easy-to-use, open-source CMS built in PHP. It has near-limitless functionality, thanks to its community of extension developers. In Joomla! 1.5 Essential Training, Joseph LeBlanc uses Joomla! to build a small-business website from scratch with no programming at all, from installation to launch. He demonstrates how to create and organize content; add menus, sidebars, and other features; change the look with templates; install plug-ins and extensions; and much more.


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46 Science Fair Projects For The Evil Genius-Sep2008


Auerbach Publications | ISBN-13- 9780071600279 | English | PDF | 2.22 MB|209 Pages

Release Notes
Want to win first place in the next science fair? 46 Science Fair Projects for the Evil Genius has everything you need to create amazing, sophisticated projects that will wow the judges and keep everyone talking long after the awards are handed out.Using inexpensive, easy-to-find parts and tools, and following standard science fair requirements, these creative new projects test 46 theories from various disciplines, including physics, astronomy, energy, environmental science, and economics. Each project begins with an intriguing hypothesis that leaves plenty of room for you to add your own tweaks, making the project entirely different and new-the only limit is your imagination! 46 Science Fair Projects for the Evil Genius:

* Features instructions and plans for 46 inventive, winning projects, complete with 100 how-to illustrations
* Shows you how to assemble, design, and build devices to test the hypotheses offered for each project
* Leaves room for you to customize your project and create several variations, so the experiment is entirely your own!
* Removes the frustration-factor-all the parts you need are listed, along with sources

Regardless of your skill level, 46 Science Fair Projects for the Evil Genius provides you with all the parts lists and tools you need to test the hypotheses
and complete projects with ease, such as:

* Water, Water, Everywhere-the effect of salt water flooding a lawn
* “Vlip!”-dogs respond to sounds, not the meaning of words
* Web Crawler-the effectiveness of Internet search engines
* M&M Ring around theWorld-the validity of sample size
* “Commercial” TV-comparison of programming to advertising content
* Sounds fishy-do goldfish have a water temperature preference?
* Split and Dip-strategy for making money in the stock market
* High-Tech Times-the willingness of people of different ages to adapt to new technology
* Not Just Lemonade-is adding lemon to cleaners just for marketing?
* Kinetic Pendulum-the relationship between a pendulum, an arc, and time

Bob Bonnet and Dan Keen are noted science writers who have written numerous articles and books on a variety of science topics. Bonnet, a retired science teacher, has organized and judged many science fairs at both the local and regional levels, and is a Science Teaching Fellow at Rowan University in New Jersey. Keen worked in the electronics field for 23 years and is the coauthor of several computer programming books.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Water, Water, Everywhere
Chapter 2. Who’s Home?
Chapter 3. Go With The Flow Lighthouses
Chapter 4. Kinetic Pendulum
Chapter 5. Melody Camouflage Perceived
Chapter 6. “Vlip!”
Chapter 8. In The Ear Of The Beholder Physics
Chapter 9. Flying In The Wind Wind velocity
Chapter 10. Lighter Struts
Chapter 12. Better Burger
Chapter 14. Sweet Treat
Chapter 15. “C” A Fantastic Vitamin
Chapter 17. Bold Mold
Chapter 18. M&M Ring Around World
Chapter 19. Choices Position
Chapter 20. Plants Exhale
Chapter 22. Sounds Fishy
Chapter 24. A Taste of Plant Acid
Chapter 25. Split and Dip
Chapter 26. Johnny Apple Sauce: Cinnemon: A Mold Inhibitor
Chapter 27. Back Field In Motion
Chapter 28. Green No More: Chlorophyll
Chapter 29. Not Just Lemonade
Chapter 31. Natural Fences Natural
Chapter 32. The Nose Knows
Chapter 33. Germ Jungle
Chapter 34. Not Til Christmas
Chapter 37. Pass The Mold
Chapter 39. Web Crawler
Chapter 40. Night Watch
Chapter 41. Time For The Concert
Chapter 43. High Tech Times
Chapter 44. "Commercial" TV
Chapter 45. Sold On Solar


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