Friday, December 21, 2007

Find Orkut Files thru Google Now!!

Find Orkut Files thru Google Now... !!

Well here is one more update about orkut. Now you able to find profile from Google also. Seems Orkut doing really hard work in these days. Setting Under Privacy Settings.


Enjoy more Orkuting (-:


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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Post Same Topic in Selected Communies

Post Same Topic in Selected Communies... !!

Type: Javascript
Created by: Mr. Nobody, ılılı D3 ılılıl and OUG Team
Published at: OUG

One more most wanted script is out by OUG now. Thats Send Same topic in Selected Communities. Really useful script if your are moderator of too many communities and want to share a post to all your communities so here is script...(-:

► Copy Script
► Goto any non-anonymous community
► Make Change in cmm ID's* as your requirement.
► Make your Post
► Hit Enter

*if you want to collect all Communities cmm ID's then Script is HERE


Enjoy Posting


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Collect cmm ID's from All Joined Communies

Collect all cmm ID's from all joined Communities... !!

Type: Javascript
Created by: Unknown
Shared by: Mr. Nobody
Published at: OUG

You are able to Collect your joined Communities cmm ID's in just one click.

► Copy Script
► Goto Community Page
► Paste Script on Address Bar
► Hit Enter
► Copy All cmm Id's Save and Use as your purpose. (-:


Enjoy Orkuting


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See Locked Scrapbook

Yeah. . Now There is way to see Locked Scrapbook... !!

UPDATE: Bug is Patched

Type: Trick + Javascript
Created By: Rodrigo (Brazil)
Published at: Rodriga Blog (Brazil), OUG

Yeah. . .Now there is a hack in Orkut to see locked scrapbooks now.

Simple trick is if you have a Orkut Sandbox profile then visit by that profile you are able see victim's Scrapbook. . .and if you didn't have any Sandbox Enabled Profile then use this JavaScript (-:

► Copy Script
► Goto Profile Page
► Paste Script on Address Bar
► Hit Enter


Enjoy Orkuting


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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Trojans and Ports V/s Command Prompt

Detect Trojan and Ports by Command Prompt... !!

Torjans are 1 of the most dangerous programs. They send server programs to ur computer and connect to your computer on being executed. And after that the hacker can control ur computer. Torjans like SUB 7 and OPTIX are 1 of the most powerful torjans, they can damage ur security more than any other regular torjan, they have built in keylogger and other deadly programs which records everything u do into different logs and then it email the logs back to the hackers.

Procedure to detect.

Although new torjans are created everyday and there a lot of anti-torjan programs which detect torjans on ur PC a siimple way to find out if a torjan or any program is trying to connect or has already connected from ur computer to the Internet is -

Run -> type "cmd" or "command"
then MSDOS window pops up next you
-> type "Netstat -n"
after u type "netstat -n " and hit enter u will get the list of connections from ur computer to the internet. So u can check the ports I have given below , to find out if u have any torjans.

I know this method of torjan detecting is kind of old and not very accurate but still it can give newbies some Idea .

Here are some netstat tricks :-

* -a -- Displays all connections and listening ports.
* -e -- Displays Ethernet Statistics. This may be combined with the -s option.
* -n -- Displays addresses and port numbers in numerical form.
* -p proto -- Shows connections for the protocol specified by proto; proto may be TCP or UDP. If used with the -s option to display per-protocol statistics, proto may be TCP, UDP, or IP.
* -r -- Displays the routing table.
* -s -- Displays per-protocol statistics. By default, statistics are shown for TCP, UDP and IP; the -p option may be used to specify a subset of the default.
* interval -- Redisplays selected statistics, pausing interval seconds between each display. Press Ctrl+C to stop redisplaying statistics. If omitted, Netstat will print the current configuration information once.

Full Explanation of netstat commands give above

Netstat -a will show you all the open connections on your machine (-a is for all). It will also tell you which remote systems you are connected to, the local port number, the remote port number, and the protocol. When I type Netstat -a into my command prompt, I get a number of lines. Following is the actual text returned on one of these lines. The output is in bold, my comments are in parentheses:

TCP (the protocol, in this case, Transmission Control Protocol. The protocol can also be UDP, or User Datagram Protocol. In rare cases you will see Internet Protocol or IP) morgan:1528 (my username followed by my local port #) (a site I am connected to, followed by the port on the remote system) ESTABLISHED (is the state of my connection). Here is a list of common port assignments.

Netstat -an will show you all the information above, except in numeric (-n for numeric) form. This means that in the example above, you would get an IP address instead of "morgan" and "" Both will still be followed by the port numbers. This is one way to get your own IP address, because your username from the first example is now replaced by your numeric IP address in the second. You can also use netstat to get the IP addresses of your friends on ICQ or AIM (AIM buddies will be on port :5190).

Netstat -p TCP or Netstat -p UDP will give you all the information in the above examples, isolated by protocol.

Netstat -e will tell you general information like bytes received and sent, discards and errors.

Netstat interval (in seconds, such as netstat 10 or netstat 20) This command will retabulate and redisplay netstat information each specified interval.

Three bonus netstat tips:

1. If you ever get bored of waiting for Netstat to finish what it's doing, hit Control + C to abort the operation and go back to the command prompt.
2. You can use netstat to see if you have a Trojan. Go here for a list of ports known Trojans attack. If one of these ports is open, you can bet you've got one on your system. Your anti-virus software should also tell you if you are infected, but sometimes it is nice to see the nuts and bolts of how your computer gets attacked.
3. Sometimes Netstat generates a lot of text, too much to see in the command window. Type 'netstat -an >c:\windows\desktop\log.txt' or any other directory you please. Netstat will create a file (in this case, log.txt on my desktop) and dump the output into it. Just open the file to see your results.

Some Ports Used by Torjans

1 (UDP) - Sockets des Troie
2 Death
20 Senna Spy FTP server
21 Back Construction, Blade Runner, Cattivik FTP Server, CC Invader, Dark FTP, Doly Trojan, Fore, Invisible FTP, Juggernaut 42, Larva, MotIv FTP, Net Administrator, Ramen, Senna Spy FTP server, The Flu, Traitor 21, WebEx, WinCrash
22 Shaft
23 Fire HacKer, Tiny Telnet Server - TTS, Truva Atl
25 Ajan, Antigen, Barok, Email Password Sender - EPS, EPS II, Gip, Gris, Happy99, Hpteam mail, Hybris, I love you, Kuang2, Magic Horse, MBT (Mail Bombing Trojan), Moscow Email trojan, Naebi, NewApt worm, ProMail trojan, Shtirlitz, Stealth, Tapiras, Terminator, WinPC, WinSpy
30 Agent 40421
31 Agent 31, Hackers Paradise, Masters Paradise
41 Deep Throat, Foreplay
58 DMSetup
59 DMSetup
79 CDK, Firehotcker
80 711 trojan (Seven Eleven), AckCmd, Back End, Back Orifice 2000 Plug-Ins, Cafeini, CGI Backdoor, Executor, God Message, God Message Creator, Hooker, IISworm, MTX, NCX, Reverse WWW Tunnel Backdoor, RingZero, Seeker, WAN Remote, Web Server CT, WebDownloader
81 RemoConChubo
99 Hidden Port, NCX
110 ProMail trojan
113 Invisible Identd Deamon, Kazimas
119 Happy99
121 Attack Bot, God Message, JammerKillah
123 Net Controller
133 Farnaz
137 Chode
137 (UDP) - Msinit
138 Chode
139 Chode, God Message worm, Msinit, Netlog, Network, Qaz
142 NetTaxi
146 Infector
146 (UDP) - Infector
170 A-trojan
334 Backage
411 Backage
420 Breach, Incognito
421 TCP Wrappers trojan
455 Fatal Connections
456 Hackers Paradise
513 Grlogin
514 RPC Backdoor
531 Net666, Rasmin
555 711 trojan (Seven Eleven), Ini-Killer, Net Administrator, Phase Zero, Phase-0, Stealth Spy
605 Secret Service
666 Attack FTP, Back Construction, BLA trojan, Cain & Abel, NokNok, Satans Back Door - SBD, ServU, Shadow Phyre, th3r1pp3rz (= Therippers)
667 SniperNet
669 DP trojan
692 GayOL
777 AimSpy, Undetected
808 WinHole
911 Dark Shadow
999 Deep Throat, Foreplay, WinSatan
1000 Der Späher / Der Spaeher, Direct Connection
1001 Der Späher / Der Spaeher, Le Guardien, Silencer, WebEx
1010 Doly Trojan
1011 Doly Trojan
1012 Doly Trojan
1015 Doly Trojan
1016 Doly Trojan
1020 Vampire
1024 Jade, Latinus, NetSpy
1025 Remote Storm
1025 (UDP) - Remote Storm
1035 Multidropper
1042 BLA trojan
1045 Rasmin
1049 /sbin/initd
1050 MiniCommand
1053 The Thief
1054 AckCmd
1080 WinHole
1081 WinHole
1082 WinHole
1083 WinHole
1090 Xtreme
1095 Remote Administration Tool - RAT
1097 Remote Administration Tool - RAT
1098 Remote Administration Tool - RAT
1099 Blood Fest Evolution, Remote Administration Tool - RAT
1150 Orion
1151 Orion
1170 Psyber Stream Server - PSS, Streaming Audio Server, Voice
1200 (UDP) - NoBackO
1201 (UDP) - NoBackO
1207 SoftWAR
1208 Infector
1212 Kaos
1234 SubSeven Java client, Ultors Trojan
1243 BackDoor-G, SubSeven, SubSeven Apocalypse, Tiles
1245 VooDoo Doll
1255 Scarab
1256 Project nEXT
1269 Matrix
1272 The Matrix
1313 NETrojan
1338 Millenium Worm
1349 Bo dll
1394 GoFriller, Backdoor G-1
1441 Remote Storm
1492 FTP99CMP
1524 Trinoo
1568 Remote Hack
1600 Direct Connection, Shivka-Burka
1703 Exploiter
1777 Scarab
1807 SpySender
1966 Fake FTP
1967 WM FTP Server
1969 OpC BO
1981 Bowl, Shockrave
1999 Back Door, SubSeven, TransScout
2000 Der Späher / Der Spaeher, Insane Network, Last 2000, Remote Explorer 2000, Senna Spy Trojan Generator
2001 Der Späher / Der Spaeher, Trojan Cow
2023 Ripper Pro
2080 WinHole
2115 Bugs
2130 (UDP) - Mini Backlash
2140 The Invasor
2140 (UDP) - Deep Throat, Foreplay
2155 Illusion Mailer
2255 Nirvana
2283 Hvl RAT
2300 Xplorer
2311 Studio 54
2330 Contact
2331 Contact
2332 Contact
2333 Contact
2334 Contact
2335 Contact
2336 Contact
2337 Contact
2338 Contact
2339 Contact, Voice Spy
2339 (UDP) - Voice Spy
2345 Doly Trojan
2565 Striker trojan
2583 WinCrash
2600 Digital RootBeer
2716 The Prayer
2773 SubSeven, SubSeven 2.1 Gold
2774 SubSeven, SubSeven 2.1 Gold
2801 Phineas Phucker
2989 (UDP) - Remote Administration Tool - RAT
3000 Remote Shut
3024 WinCrash
3031 Microspy
3128 Reverse WWW Tunnel Backdoor, RingZero
3129 Masters Paradise
3150 The Invasor
3150 (UDP) - Deep Throat, Foreplay, Mini Backlash
3456 Terror trojan
3459 Eclipse 2000, Sanctuary
3700 Portal of Doom
3777 PsychWard
3791 Total Solar Eclypse
3801 Total Solar Eclypse
4000 SkyDance
4092 WinCrash
4242 Virtual Hacking Machine - VHM
4321 BoBo
4444 Prosiak, Swift Remote
4567 File Nail
4590 ICQ Trojan
4950 ICQ Trogen (Lm)
5000 Back Door Setup, Blazer5, Bubbel, ICKiller, Ra1d, Sockets des Troie
5001 Back Door Setup, Sockets des Troie
5002 cd00r, Shaft
5010 Solo
5011 One of the Last Trojans - OOTLT, One of the Last Trojans - OOTLT, modified
5025 WM Remote KeyLogger
5031 Net Metropolitan
5032 Net Metropolitan
5321 Firehotcker
5333 Backage, NetDemon
5343 wCrat - WC Remote Administration Tool
5400 Back Construction, Blade Runner
5401 Back Construction, Blade Runner
5402 Back Construction, Blade Runner
5512 Illusion Mailer
5534 The Flu
5550 Xtcp
5555 ServeMe
5556 BO Facil
5557 BO Facil
5569 Robo-Hack
5637 PC Crasher
5638 PC Crasher
5742 WinCrash
5760 Portmap Remote Root Linux Exploit
5880 Y3K RAT
5882 Y3K RAT
5882 (UDP) - Y3K RAT
5888 Y3K RAT
5888 (UDP) - Y3K RAT
5889 Y3K RAT
6000 The Thing
6006 Bad Blood
6272 Secret Service
6400 The Thing
6661 TEMan, Weia-Meia
6666 Dark Connection Inside, NetBus worm
6667 Dark FTP, ScheduleAgent, SubSeven, Subseven 2.1.4 DefCon 8, Trinity, WinSatan
6669 Host Control, Vampire
6670 BackWeb Server, Deep Throat, Foreplay, WinNuke eXtreame
6711 BackDoor-G, SubSeven, VP Killer
6712 Funny trojan, SubSeven
6713 SubSeven
6723 Mstream
6771 Deep Throat, Foreplay
6776 2000 Cracks, BackDoor-G, SubSeven, VP Killer
6838 (UDP) - Mstream
6883 Delta Source DarkStar (??)
6912 Shit Heep
6939 Indoctrination
6969 GateCrasher, IRC 3, Net Controller, Priority
6970 GateCrasher
7000 Exploit Translation Server, Kazimas, Remote Grab, SubSeven, SubSeven 2.1 Gold
7001 Freak88, Freak2k
7215 SubSeven, SubSeven 2.1 Gold
7300 NetMonitor
7301 NetMonitor
7306 NetMonitor
7307 NetMonitor
7308 NetMonitor
7424 Host Control
7424 (UDP) - Host Control
7597 Qaz
7626 Glacier
7777 God Message, Tini
7789 Back Door Setup, ICKiller
7891 The ReVeNgEr
7983 Mstream
8080 Brown Orifice, RemoConChubo, Reverse WWW Tunnel Backdoor, RingZero
8787 Back Orifice 2000
8988 BacHack
8989 Rcon, Recon, Xcon
9000 Netministrator
9325 (UDP) - Mstream
9400 InCommand
9872 Portal of Doom
9873 Portal of Doom
9874 Portal of Doom
9875 Portal of Doom
9876 Cyber Attacker, Rux
9878 TransScout
9989 Ini-Killer
9999 The Prayer
10000 OpwinTRojan
10005 OpwinTRojan
10067 (UDP) - Portal of Doom
10085 Syphillis
10086 Syphillis
10100 Control Total, Gift trojan
10101 BrainSpy, Silencer
10167 (UDP) - Portal of Doom
10520 Acid Shivers
10528 Host Control
10607 Coma
10666 (UDP) - Ambush
11000 Senna Spy Trojan Generator
11050 Host Control
11051 Host Control
11223 Progenic trojan, Secret Agent
12076 Gjamer
12223 Hack´99 KeyLogger
12345 Ashley, cron / crontab, Fat Bitch trojan, GabanBus, icmp_client.c, icmp_pipe.c, Mypic, NetBus, NetBus Toy, NetBus worm, Pie Bill Gates, Whack Job, X-bill
12346 Fat Bitch trojan, GabanBus, NetBus, X-bill
12349 BioNet
12361 Whack-a-mole
12362 Whack-a-mole
12363 Whack-a-mole
12623 (UDP) - DUN Control
12624 ButtMan
12631 Whack Job
12754 Mstream
13000 Senna Spy Trojan Generator, Senna Spy Trojan Generator
13010 Hacker Brasil - HBR
13013 PsychWard
13014 PsychWard
13223 Hack´99 KeyLogger
13473 Chupacabra
14500 PC Invader
14501 PC Invader
14502 PC Invader
14503 PC Invader
15000 NetDemon
15092 Host Control
15104 Mstream
15382 SubZero
15858 CDK
16484 Mosucker
16660 Stacheldraht
16772 ICQ Revenge
16959 SubSeven, Subseven 2.1.4 DefCon 8
16969 Priority
17166 Mosaic
17300 Kuang2 the virus
17449 Kid Terror
17499 CrazzyNet
17500 CrazzyNet
17569 Infector
17593 Audiodoor
17777 Nephron
18753 (UDP) - Shaft
19864 ICQ Revenge
20000 Millenium
20001 Millenium, Millenium (Lm)
20002 AcidkoR
20005 Mosucker
20023 VP Killer
20034 NetBus 2.0 Pro, NetBus 2.0 Pro Hidden, NetRex, Whack Job
20203 Chupacabra
20331 BLA trojan
20432 Shaft
20433 (UDP) - Shaft
21544 GirlFriend, Kid Terror
21554 Exploiter, Kid Terror, Schwindler, Winsp00fer
22222 Donald Dick, Prosiak, Ruler, RUX The TIc.K
23005 NetTrash
23006 NetTrash
23023 Logged
23032 Amanda
23432 Asylum
23456 Evil FTP, Ugly FTP, Whack Job
23476 Donald Dick
23476 (UDP) - Donald Dick
23477 Donald Dick
23777 InetSpy
24000 Infector
25685 Moonpie
25686 Moonpie
25982 Moonpie
26274 (UDP) - Delta Source
26681 Voice Spy
27374 Bad Blood, Ramen, Seeker, SubSeven, SubSeven 2.1 Gold, Subseven 2.1.4 DefCon 8, SubSeven Muie, Ttfloader
27444 (UDP) - Trinoo
27573 SubSeven
27665 Trinoo
28678 Exploiter
29104 NetTrojan
29369 ovasOn
29891 The Unexplained
30000 Infector
30001 ErrOr32
30003 Lamers Death
30029 AOL trojan
30100 NetSphere
30101 NetSphere
30102 NetSphere
30103 NetSphere
30103 (UDP) - NetSphere
30133 NetSphere
30303 Sockets des Troie
30947 Intruse
30999 Kuang2
31335 Trinoo
31336 Bo Whack, Butt Funnel
31337 Back Fire, Back Orifice 1.20 patches, Back Orifice (Lm), Back Orifice russian, Baron Night, Beeone, BO client, BO Facil, BO spy, BO2, cron / crontab, Freak88, Freak2k, icmp_pipe.c, Sockdmini
31337 (UDP) - Back Orifice, Deep BO
31338 Back Orifice, Butt Funnel, NetSpy (DK)
31338 (UDP) - Deep BO
31339 NetSpy (DK)
31666 BOWhack
31785 Hack´a´Tack
31787 Hack´a´Tack
31788 Hack´a´Tack
31789 (UDP) - Hack´a´Tack
31790 Hack´a´Tack
31791 (UDP) - Hack´a´Tack
31792 Hack´a´Tack
32001 Donald Dick
32100 Peanut Brittle, Project nEXT
32418 Acid Battery
33270 Trinity
33333 Blakharaz, Prosiak
33577 Son of PsychWard
33777 Son of PsychWard
33911 Spirit 2000, Spirit 2001
34324 Big Gluck, TN
34444 Donald Dick
34555 (UDP) - Trinoo (for Windows)
35555 (UDP) - Trinoo (for Windows)
37237 Mantis
37651 Yet Another Trojan - YAT
40412 The Spy
40421 Agent 40421, Masters Paradise
40422 Masters Paradise
40423 Masters Paradise
40425 Masters Paradise
40426 Masters Paradise
41337 Storm
41666 Remote Boot Tool - RBT, Remote Boot Tool - RBT
44444 Prosiak
44575 Exploiter
47262 (UDP) - Delta Source
49301 OnLine KeyLogger
50130 Enterprise
50505 Sockets des Troie
50766 Fore, Schwindler
51966 Cafeini
52317 Acid Battery 2000
53001 Remote Windows Shutdown - RWS
54283 SubSeven, SubSeven 2.1 Gold
54320 Back Orifice 2000
54321 Back Orifice 2000, School Bus
55165 File Manager trojan, File Manager trojan, WM Trojan Generator
55166 WM Trojan Generator
57341 NetRaider
58339 Butt Funnel
60000 Deep Throat, Foreplay, Sockets des Troie
60001 Trinity
60068 Xzip 6000068
60411 Connection
61348 Bunker-Hill
61466 TeleCommando
61603 Bunker-Hill
63485 Bunker-Hill
64101 Taskman
65000 Devil, Sockets des Troie, Stacheldraht
65390 Eclypse
65421 Jade
65432 The Traitor (= th3tr41t0r)
65432 (UDP) - The Traitor (= th3tr41t0r)
65534 /sbin/initd
65535 RC1 trojan

So Remove is manually..if AV not work


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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Search all GMail friends on ORKUT

One More Most wanted Option is OUT on Orkut... !!

Well Orkut is doing lots hard work these days. . in last 2-3 months it launch really Cool and useful updates well.

Latest one is Invite or Search all your Gmail E-Mail friends to Orkut now.

Snap Shot:

So now lets see how many friends you have on orkut..(-:

Hope Orkut also try to Update it as Yahoo! and Hotmail. . and some other (-:

SnapShot Credits: ALI

Enjoy More Orkuting


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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Change the Registered Owner in Windows

Change the Registered Owner in Windows... !!

If you've ever wondered how to change the name of the person that Windows is registered to, this is the quick tip for you. It's not all that useful, but it might come in handy if you got a computer from somebody else.

Open up regedit.exe through the start menu search box, and then locate the following registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion

Now you can find the RegisteredOwner and RegisteredOrganization keys in the right-hand pane. Change them to whatever values you want.

To show off the new changes, just type winver.exe into the start menu search box to see the About Windows box:

Kinda useless, but one of those things I have to write about if I want to cover everything

Enjoy Tricking (-:


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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Solar Rolling Power Battery

Solar Rolling Power Battery ... !!

In case you hadn’t noticed, Summer is long gone. However, when it’s sunny and warm out, I like to take my laptop outside and try to do my work in the outdoors. It’s a great change of pace from sitting in my office every day. The only problem is that when my laptop is feeding off of the WiFi access, my battery tends to run down a little faster than I’d like, and park benches never seem to have power outlets. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get your juice from the sun’s rays?

Brunton has been working on their new SolarRoll, which is a very portable solar mat that promises to keep your laptop powered while you’re surfing in the sun. Of course, laptops aren’t the only things that need power, so you can use the mat to charge cell phones, PDAs, cameras and even a car battery. I’m not sure how long it takes to charge my car battery, but I doubt I’d want to wait around that long.

The mats come in different sizes, and range between $199 to $499. Whether you’re interested in alternative energy sources, or just like working in the outdoors, the SolarRoll would be a great investment.

Enjoy Vications


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Penguin USB Drive

Penguin USB Drive... !!

Now say bye bye to that old style USB Storage Sticks. Because Now there is something really cool and fancy...(-:

A Penguin USB Drive ((-: Now isn’t this one of the cutest USB flash drives you’ve ever laid your eyes on? Who’d knew that even penguins get really cold, shivering away in the biting blizzard that they need a nice, knitted scarf to help keep those short necks warm. You just gotta love the way the eyes look around, as if they’re waiting for something to drop from the sky. Compatible with both Windows and Mac platforms, this Penguin USB flash drive comes in a maximum capacity of 2GB and retails for $89.33 a pop. Kinda pricey for the paltry amount of memory it comes with, and I’m sure the cuteness factor has something to do with the price.



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Scrap Friends V 1.0

Software for Scrap All Your Friends... !!

Type: GM Script
Developed By: Rodrigo
Published at: Unkown, also at OUG

Scrap All Your Profile Friends in one Click...(-:

This is Brazil software...and only problem is it sends scraps with community spam..q-:

Screen Shot:

Click to Download

Enjoy Scraping


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Orkut 99% Wide

Enjoy Orkut 99% that Mean Full Screen... !!

Type: GM Script
Developed By: Gaurav Verma
Published at:

Yeah...Now you are able to see orkut on Full Screen as Wide as your screen with Gaurav Verma's this GM Script...(-:

Click to Install Script

Screen Shot:

Orkut before:

After Installing Script:

Know How to Install GM Script?

Enjoy Orkuting (-:


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Add Dictionary to Orkut

Add Dictionary to Orkut... !!

Type: GM Script
Developed By: Gaurav Verma
Published at:

Now submit your scraps and topic replies with correct Spellings and minings. Install this GMScript and Active Dictionary to Orkut..(-:

Click to Install

Screen Shot:


Topic Post:

Know How Install GMScripts?

Happy Orkuting


Screen Shot Credits to real author.

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Picasa Slide Show on Profile Page

Picasa Slide Show on Current Visiting Profile... !!

Type: GM Script
Developed By: Gaurav Verma
Published at:

Orkut had added the support for adding your picasa album feeds to orkut profile page,..but lets admit, its very minimal.You go to a friends page and then click on picasa feed link which displays picasa albums inside orkut and if you still want to browse you have to click on album link which takes you to the picasa page,..can these steps be minimized ?? how can i have a quick look on my friends picasa photos just by going on his/her profile page ?? Can something be done ??

Oh ya !! with a little help of javascript this feature can be easily added to orkut :) and so Gaurav Verma have written this greasemonkey script which does exactly same.It checks whether the profile page you are visiting has added picasa photo feed to his profile and if he/she had ..then it adds a slideshow to show all the public photos of the user whose profile you are visiting. with captions (-:

Click to Install

Screen Shot:

Know What is GMScript and How its Work and Install?

Enjoy Profile Visiting (-:

Text and Screen Shot Credit to Real author.

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Enable HTML in Community Posts

Now Enable HTML in Community Posts... !!

Type: GM Script
Developed By: Mr. Nobody
Published at: OUG

Now you are able to activate HTML Tags in your Communities Posts with Installing this GM Script.

Click to Install

This Script is Activate Most of HTML Tag...(-:
for Examples Visit OUG Topic

Know What is GMScripts and How its Work?

Enjoy Topic Posts (-:


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Lock Scrapbook (-:

New Update >> Lock Your Scrapbook... !!

Orkut is being secure day by day..(-:

Now another update under Privacy are able to lock your scrapbook now..(-:

Now Say Bye Bye to Spammers & unfaithfully and That Scrapbook sneakers who always try to steal your Privacy..(-:

Happy Orkuting


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orkut tool pack 2.0

ORKUT TOOL PACK 2.0 with Akon track

orkut tool pack version 2.0with akon track

last night i uploaded this tool but many of you wanted the background track as smackthat..

so uploaded it again with new track.

download link:

file size = 38.3mb

total no of tools = 30

background track: Hero [by enrique]
download link:

Tools by:
Vijay sir
Nauman Rafi
Spit Fire


scrap flooder

fake account maker

contest voter

friend adder

friend acceptor/rejector

fake account password vhanger

mass deleter

topic flooder

mass community joiner/unjoiner

community spammer

fan flooder

scrap all

marketting tool

profile backup

community creator

scrap deleter

mass profile visitor

collection of working and essential javascripts

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orkut tool pack 1.0


i posted this:

hallo friends.

i have made a collection pack which contains all the necessary tools you need for orkut.

this is the first version and due to my exams i am not able to include all the tools available in this forum..

currently tools from vijay, tree, prateek and meetul is inluded

it contains tools like floodmachines, profile maker, community spammer, community joiner, accept all, reject all and some more tools


all the working javascripts are listed in the tool.

the download links is

file size 14mb

and the rar password is viveksinhaanurag

the credit goes to the ppl who actually coded them.[m]

vivek sinha anurag

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Monday, December 3, 2007


Trace Your Lost Mobile, MP3, Camra or USB... !!

We’re in an age of portability in our gadgets. USB flash drives are the rage, as are other forms of portable storage like memory cards and MP3 players that can double as a storage drive. The only problem with these small, portable gadgets is the high incidences of loss or theft. If you use them to carry around sensitive, personal information on them like a lot of people do, what do you do when that happens to you?

The ihound Software is a free service (for up to 3 different USB drives, after that it’s a small fee) that will allow you to monitor when your portable drives have been connected to another computer. From the website:

What happens if my device is lost or stolen? Your Device Is Located:

You will know where your device is at all times via ihound Software’s “Device Tracker”. See your device’s location on a map and “Get your digital life back”.

You’re Alerted Instantly:

ihound Software will alert you via email as soon as someone else tries to connect your device to a computer.

You Can Print a Report:

Once your device has been located, you can print a report for the authorities that contains your device’s information as well as the location where your device has been tracked.

The software works on most USB devices that you need to connect to your computer to update. (MP3 players, Flash Cards, Jump Drives, Phones, iPods, etc.) They have a full list of supported devices on their website. Pretty cool stuff.

Visit iHound Software


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Profile Creator

Orkut Profile Creator... !!

Type: Orkut Software
Developed By: ıllı §Þ¡† |=¡®ë (Spit Fire)
Published at: OUG

There is a box for Location, rite the location of the text file with an extension .text in that box where a file will be created containing all the id's n' there pass...!

Click to Download


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Orkut Tools Pack 2.0

Orkut Tools Pack 2.00... !!

Type: Orkut Software
Developed By: Vivek
Published at: OUG

Vivek have made a IInd Version of collection pack which contains all the necessary tools you need for orkut.

background track: Hero [by enrique]

Tools by:

► Vijay Sir
► Tree
► Prateek
► Nauman Rafi
► Spit Fire
► Gautam
► Meetul
► Diogo

and contents are:

► Scrapbook Flooder
► Fake Account Maker
► Friend Adder
► Friend Acceptor/Rejector
► Fake Account Password Changer
► Mass Deleter
► Topic Flooder
► Mass Community Joiner/Unjoiner
► Community Spammer
► Fan Flooder
► Scrap All
► Marketting Tool
► Profile Backup
► Community Creator
► Scrap Deleter
► Mass Profile Visitor
► Collection of working and Essential Javascripts

and More (-;

eSnips Download
RapidShare Downlod

New Updated eSnip Link

Enjoy Orkuting


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Snagit 8.2.3

Snagit 8.2.3 + Serial... !!

SnagIt delivers customized screen captures with the press of a hotkey.

SnagIt is the only screen capture software that captures images, text, and video from your Windows desktop. Effortlessly produce perfect graphics and video with this complete capture solution.
Now, with SnagIt add-ins, you can put SnagIt right in your toolbar! SnagIt's new add-in toolbars provide quick access to the most common capture features right from within Word, PowerPoint and Explorer.

Screen capture is the process of copying what you see on your screen. SnagIt captures various types of data in dozens of different ways, enabling you to capture, edit and share anything on your screen.

To help you start using SnagIt, here are five popular ways SnagIt is used to capture what is on your screen.
Here are some key features of "SnagIt":

Capture Anything

► Capture an article, image, or Web page directly from your screen. Or, capture windows, menus, icons, and regions from any application that runs on your PC.

Edit and Transform

► SnagIt Editor makes it easy to add creative and professional touches to your captures. Transform your images with a full-featured paint tools palette, a variety of edge effects, and practical options for color and size adjustment.

Share Easily

► E-mail, copy and paste, print, and IM your captures, or upload them to your Web site. SnagIt helps you communicate any way you prefer.

Click to Download


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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Keyless Keyboard

Keyless Keyboard... !!

Sounds Freaky. . .is it?

But its true...its orbiTouch®Keyless Ergonomic Keyboard

This device leaves me completely skeptical about how it works, but I believe that is severely needed. Considering we are a society that is addicted to computers, their current state makes every one of us an easy target for carpal tunnel/repeated wrist syndrome.

Perhaps that is why Blue Orb has created the orbiTouch, a keyboard mouse combination that is really unique, and possibly needed. Instead of keyboards and things that slide around your desk, the orbiTouch uses two round domes that control the actions.

I believe the left dome is the keyboard control, and the user has to use some kind of sliding system in order to get the letters and numbers. As for the right dome, that is a mouse like we are used to.

The potential for the orbiTouch is enormous, and I can totally see it changing the world we live in. After all, we need better computers for our body structures, but I anticipate that it will be a slow transition before these become standard keyboards. However, considering that teenagers can text almost as fast as they can write or type, I believe people can adapt pretty easily.

I definitely want to get my hands on one just so I can figure out how long it will take for me to relearn how to type. If you want to try it, feel free to order it from their site for about $400.

Offialsite and More Info:


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Prevent IE History Being Removed

Prevent IE History Being Removed... !!

Type: RegEdit Hack
Published by: →¹← ▬╡│↓◦√²φ[̲̲̲̲̲̅̅̅̅̅]Ѽੴ♂◦↑│╞▬
Published at: OUG

Open notepad
Copy and Paste Text Below
and save as anyname.reg

Double click the file and Click Yes...
you are done!

To Prevent:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Control Panel]
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Control Panel]

to Undo History:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Control Panel]
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Control Panel]


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