Monday, December 3, 2007

Orkut Tools Pack 2.0

Orkut Tools Pack 2.00... !!

Type: Orkut Software
Developed By: Vivek
Published at: OUG

Vivek have made a IInd Version of collection pack which contains all the necessary tools you need for orkut.

background track: Hero [by enrique]

Tools by:

► Vijay Sir
► Tree
► Prateek
► Nauman Rafi
► Spit Fire
► Gautam
► Meetul
► Diogo

and contents are:

► Scrapbook Flooder
► Fake Account Maker
► Friend Adder
► Friend Acceptor/Rejector
► Fake Account Password Changer
► Mass Deleter
► Topic Flooder
► Mass Community Joiner/Unjoiner
► Community Spammer
► Fan Flooder
► Scrap All
► Marketting Tool
► Profile Backup
► Community Creator
► Scrap Deleter
► Mass Profile Visitor
► Collection of working and Essential Javascripts

and More (-;

eSnips Download
RapidShare Downlod

New Updated eSnip Link

Enjoy Orkuting


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1 comment:

VC Brazil said...

Amo-o.. vocĂȘ feito um grande trabalho caro

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