Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Remove Reverse Code from Community Name

Remove Reverse Code from Community Name... !!

Trick Type: Java Script
Created by: Lost Soul
Published at: OUG

If you put reverse text caractor in your Community. Its really Hard remove that caractor because its not easily delete from del command. so here is solution.

► Copy this Javascript.
► Paste in your address bar(where you write
► Hit enter.

► Run it on the community edit page

javascript:ls=alert("Script made by Lost Soul");ls1=document.forms[1].elements[2];ls1.value="";ls1.value="Naughty Fellows !!";void(0)

if In case you want to solve the prob for multiple communities, try this:

javascript:ls=alert("Script made by Lost Soul");ls1=prompt("Enter your community Name", "Enter the name here");ls3=document.forms[1].elements[2];ls3.value="";ls3.value=ls1;void(0)

Thanks to Lost Soul


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