Saturday, August 2, 2008

Foundstone Vision

What Is Vision?: Vision is a GUI (graphical user interface) version of the popular freeware tool FPort, also from Foundstone. Vision provides a comprehensive and in-depth port scanning functionality with additional features to help identify and eradicate issues.
What Can Vision Do?: The Foundstone Vision utility can display all open TCP and UDP ports on a machine, the service that is active on each port, and it maps the ports to their respective applications. Vision can help determine host status by displaying detailed system information, applications running, and processes and ports in use.
System Requirements: NT 4/ Win 2000
Note: Vision will not work on Windows 9x or Me, but may operate on Windows XP or Windows Server 2003
Note: NT 4 needs psapi.dll
800x600 resolution minimum
256 colors minimum
32MB of RAM minimum
Download Vision: To download your free copy of the Foundstone Vision utility, click here:

Foundstone Vision

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