Sunday, November 23, 2008


For hacking BroadBand you will require
*Angry ip scanner
* Asterix Key 7.11
* A Computer
*An internet connection
Download AngryIPScan and Asterix key
1. Go to
2. Let's assume your ip is so now go to Angry IP scanner and in IP range enter to now go to options->Select Ports... and in "ports"
enter "80"(without the inverted commas), click on ok.
3. Click on "Start"
4. Now when the scan is over........right click on the green ip's and select IP->clipboard
5. Goto internet explorer and press Ctrl+V in the adress bar
6. Hit enter
7. Enter admin as the username and admin as the password
8. Search for the wan settings page somewhere.(Most Password r in WAN PAGE)
9. When you have arrived at that page open asterix key and click on Recover
10.Now you have the username (from the wan settings page) and the password (from Asterix key).
And also guys i am giveing a extra tool in the above link also and it help to go inside a pc or laptop through internet whose ip is open. (+) this symbol means that u can enter to his pc.....

sometimes it may not work coz
1) New Routers ke configuration pages dont have saved passwords
2) Only noobs keep the admin-admin stuff

but still you may try coz who knows if you are lucky??

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

this trick is really good one

i will try it sometime bt i am afraid if my ISP will catch me red handed whether i will be facing imprisonment or not

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