Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Free Hacking Tools

Hackers and malicious insiders are an undeniable threat to your organization’s network. They have sophisticated tools and backdoor programs at their disposal with which to steal information, perform unlawful or unauthorized activities, and cover their tracks. Security professionals charged with protecting their organizations can become overwhelmed in developing specialty applications to combat these threats.To help bridge this gap, Foundstone offers several unique utilities that you can add to your network security arsenal.

As the premier provider of security risk management, vulnerability assessments and protection, Foundstone has created a series of tools that are used in the field by its consultants. The company offers this software free of charge to the public. Download them today to defend your organization against attacks.

** NOTE: Some anti-virus packages may falsely report viruses in some of our tools. These tools, like many network utilities, can cause crippling performance and other damage to the hosts and networks they run against. Because of this, some anti-virus software may identify these tools as denial of service (DoS) agents, Trojans, back doors or other forms of virus.**

Assessment Utilities
FSCrackNEW!! v1.0
CredDiggerNEW!! v2.1
Fpipe v2.1
Forensic Tools
DumpAutoComplete NEW!! v0.7
Pasco v1.0
Galleta v1.0
Rifiuti v1.0
NTLast v3.0
Forensic Toolkit v2.0
ShoWin v2.0
PatchIt v2.0
Vision v1.0
Foundstone SASS Tools
Hacme CasinoNEW!! v1.0
CodeScoutNEW!! v1.0
HackPackNEW!! v1.0
Hacme Shipping v1.0
Hacme Travel v1.0
Hacme Books v2.0
Hacme Bank v2.0
SiteScope v1.0
.NET Security Toolkit v1.0
.NETMon v1.0
Validator.NET v1.0
SecureUML Template v1.0
WSDigger v1.0
CookieDigger v1.0
SSLDigger v1.02
SiteDigger v2.0
Intrusion Detection Tools
IPv4Trace v1.0
Carbonite v1.0
FileWatch v1.0
Attacker v3.0
Fport v2.0
Scanning Tools
MS05-051 Scan v1.0
MS05-039 Scan v1.0
NetSchedScan v1.0
DSScan v1.0
MydoomScanner v1.0
MessengerScan v1.05
SQLScan v1.0
BOPing v2.0
ScanLine v1.01
Trout v2.0
DDosPing v2.0
SNScan v1.05
CIScan v1.0
RPCScan v2.03
SuperScan v4.0
Stress Testing Tools
FSMax v2.0
Blast v2.0
UDPFlood v2.0

** NOTE: Certain anti-virus software may falsely report viruses in some of tools**

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