Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Google Chrome- browser from Google

Each tab runs as a different process.
Chrome's Task Manager allows you to shut down an errant tab, without bringing the entire browser down

Incognito Mode. A one-click option to go invisible while browsing sites, nice. Under Incognito Mode, Chrome does not store any information on the sites you are browsing.
An incognito window will not leave cookies on your PC. Nor will sites browsed while incognito appear in your history

It's compliant. Google Chrome passed the Acid2 test fine. It failed the Acid3 Link Test though (a 77/100 score), which is strange since Webkit was one of the two (the other being Opera) that had passed the Acid3 test. But javascript support is excellent, from what little browsing we did on AJAX-intensive websites. (For those wondering -- Safari gets 75/100 on Acid3, Opera 83/100, Firefox 70/100, IE8 12/100.)

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