Sunday, September 28, 2008

Windows XP Extreme Gaming Edition

Windows XP Extreme Gaming Edition

Windows Extreme Gaming only use about 37MB of Ram Memory
(30MB If u terminate explorer process before play a game),
after the second start when It completes all the changes.

• Are updated to the last SP3, fixes an usefull updates.

• Already have a SATA Drivers Pack that is loaded before the windows install process,
so u can forget all the problems with ur SATA HDD.

• The OS size is about 200MB, only. And 100MB of applications.
There are availeables from the Booster menu.

• Is still necessary activate the Windows Installer MSI Service before install a games.

Start -> Administrative Tools -> Services -> Windows Installer -> Start.
(Right click, properties, automatic. If u dont want repeat all the steps again).


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