Wednesday, July 9, 2008

AIO Firefox 3

Download free AIO Firefox 3 Full. In this AIO can be found almost around for Firefox, up from Skins Game. As this AIO was made before departure official Firefox 3.0 Final only has the RC3 browser (also with version 2), but all the extras that are compatible brings to the latest version of the best browser in the world. Recommended Materials.

AIO Firefox 3:

• Firefox 2.0 - Inglés
• Firefox 3.0 RC3 - Inglés
• Firefox 2.0 Portable - Inglés
• ThunderBird

• Adblock Plus
• Download Sort 2.5.7 (requiere conexión a internet)
• Download Status Bar 0.9.6 (requiere conexión a internet)
• DownThemAll! 1.0
• Fast Dial 1.78
• FlashGot 0.8.3
• GooglePreview 3.8
• Interclue 1.5.2
• PDF Download
• Save Complete 0.9b7
• Screengrab! 0.93
• Source Forge direct download 0.5 (requiere conexión a internet)
• Tix Now! 0.1
• Video Download 2.0
• Video DownloadHelper 3.0.2
• Video Downloader 1.1.1

• Aquatint Black
• Firefox Vista
• Firefox Zune
• MACfox II Graphite
• MicroFox
• Office Theme
• Red Cats

• 6 Packs de Wallpapers

• Firefox in Space Jig Puzzle
• Firefox Logo Jig Puzzle


Compiled with an incredible amount of extras for the release of Firefox 2 and 3. In this AIO will have the opportunity to choose between several versions of the browser to occupy many plugins (additions in Spanish), themes to change the look, wallpapers for your PC and even entrentenidos games. Enjoy this excellent material exclusively for Firefox users.

All the gadgets and programs that AIO is free.

Information File:

Name: AIO Firefox 3
Size: 53,2 MB
Language: English.
Support Platform: All Windows.
Developer: Morgan
Format: RAR

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