Tuesday, July 29, 2008

xHacker 3.0 Pro

xHacker Pro 3.0 - LEAKED - 100% Undetectable

Exterminator technology: In the Server Builder (very useful to create codes to totally moderate the security system of the victim before installing the server). With Exterminator you can make your own XAF script files to bypass\stop\uninstall any security application in the victim system (antivirus, firewall, anti-spyware, folder protection, notifiers).Exterminator includes a very flexible scripting system with dozens of options for Professional users.
• • Exterminator Actions Files (XAFs): To learn how to use the Exterminator, the examples include ones for Kaspersky, McAfee and NAV 2007 editions.
• • Denial-Of-Service Attack feature: Which allows you to use your victim's systems to make attacks to internet websites remotely. This version added 1 more method. Total of 3 methods of making Botnet(s).
• • Startup Bypass (SUB) option in the Server Builder: To bind the server with any of the startup items already in the victim system to totally trick the victim and startup monitors.
• • Firewall Bypass (FWB) option in the Server Builder: To inject the server in any running process and/or hide the server process from task managers (including third-party programs other than Windows Task Manager), to fake the firewalls.
• • Damage functions including: Format Drives, Flood Drives, Delete Kernel files, and a new Plug-In for patching BIOS (may cause very much harm).
• • 7 Extra very useful third-party programs: with their licenses.
• • Reverse Connection and SIN (Static-IP-Notification): To get notified of victims instantly and bypass routers and firewalls preventing server from making direct connections.
• • FTP server plug-in: turn the victim system into an FTP server, and connect to it via any FTP client to ease the file transfer.
• • Undetectable version of the Password Stealer plug-in: totally undetectable for anti-virus and anti-spy ware programs. Includes new features, for example BIOS password dumping and lots of new applications passwords grabbing.
• • 27 Extra Skins: For the Client interface, also the skin Editor is part of the programs package.
• Other Options (Besides buying the Professional version, you have other options)

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