Friday, July 11, 2008

Some Underground Hacking Tools

Bruteforcing Programs

Accessdiver (AD) by Jean Fages

Sentry by Sentinel:

Goldeneye by Madmax

Form@ (specifically for FORM sites) by SSS -

httpbugger By Ken78x (specifically for form sites and httpS form sites)

Caecus by Sentinel (For form sites that require an OCR [])

Ares by Gamoaa -


AuthForce by Zachary P. Landau

Entry by Sparkleware

Xavior By LithiumSoft

Web Password Checker (WPC) .1 For UNIX by g1soft

Munga Bunga's http Brute Forcer by Munga Bunga

Wordlist Tools

Raptor 3 by Madmax

Staph by Ashes
available at under "downloads"

Words Extractor

Parsley by on_a_role_again

Lucifer by Rhino -

ALS_novice by Wolfman -

Combomania by Gamoaa:
available at under "downloads"

Z-leecher by Beda

S-Generator by Beda

S-WordlistTool by Beda

Proxy Tools

Proxyrama By Gaamoa

Charon by Rhino

Advanced Proxy Leecher (APL) by Sentinel

Geowhere by Jean Fages (NOT-Freeware) -

Proxy List Filter -

AATools by Glocksoft

Proxy Checker by Hell Labs

Proxy Bag

S-Proxy Tool by Beda

Decrypting Tools

John The Ripper (JTR) -

MDcrack (MD5 Cracker) -

Passwords Pro (MD5/MD4/Pass Generator)

RainbowCrack Hash Cracker

Distributed John The Ripper by Luis Parravicini

Cain and Abel by Massimiliano Montoro

Salt Grinder by Wolfman

Log Tools

LogRip by Rhino -

Azarius by Rhino -

Zimapass Parser by Sentinel:

C-Parse (ccbill.log parser) by Sentinel:

CCBill USI (CCBILL log parser that removes all dead account PRIOR to decrypting)

Accessdiver/Ares Parser by Sentinel:


Zspoof by wolfman -

Sploof by Jean Fages -

Final Spoof

Spooph by nast0

D-Spoof And Others (Russian Site, English Prog)

MVSLite By Mentor

Mikho's Online Spoofer (web based spoofer, choose "open" when dialog appears)


Other Tools

Scholar by Sentinel - (History checker)

Crackmate Gold by Xtremet (adultcheck gold pass verifier)

Dozens of scaner and Export/Security_tools

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