Saturday, February 23, 2008

Associated Press of Pakistan website hacked

ISLAMABAD(Online) - Pakistan’s official website the Associated Press of Pakistan has been blocked after it was hacked by hackers.

A senior APP official claimed that some Indian hackers had tried to hack the APP website in the past.

A premium Search Engine has attached a warning for anyone visiting the website of Associated Press of Pakistan.
The warning has been placed by premium search engine Google. A Google search will reveal how the search engine has warned visitors against visiting the website of the APP.

The warning says by visiting APP website some malicious software may automatically be installed in the visitors’ computer without their permission.
The warning says dangerous software can delete data on the visitor’s computer, steal personal information and credit card numbers or alter the search results.
According to the senior APP official such warning may be part of such hacking attempts.

The APP is a State-owned news agency and is known to show the govt of the day in a positive light.

Source: ISLAMABAD(Online)

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