Filename Filesize
A Brief History of PC Viruses.mht 60.73 KB
A Strange Story.mht 19.94 KB
Adaptive Radiation of Alife Memes - Review of Eight Artificial Life Book-Software Packages 1995.pdf 21.50 KB
Aegis AOL 1.38 MB
Akuma AOL 154.23 KB
amiga virii sources & 93.68 KB
An Overview of The Seventh International Virus Bulletin Conference.mht 36.93 KB
Anti-AV by Zombie.exe 10.50 KB
AOL 530.89 KB
Artificial Life for Philosophers.pdf 31.12 KB
Artificial Life, Death and Epidemics in Evolutionary, Generative Electronic Art.pdf 551.28 KB
Artificial Life.pdf 101.26 KB
AV Secrets (eBook).mht 26.42 KB
azag vx collection 543.54 KB
azag vx collection 922.99 KB
azag vx collection 383.14 KB
Base64 Encoder Module Source Code.txt 2.38 KB
Beast RAT v2.06 (Trojan).zip 794.12 KB
Bernd Fix - A Strange Story.mht 29.74 KB
Bin2Asm Compiled & Source C coded by 33.31 KB
Bin2Asm Source Code.txt 1012 B
Bin2Asm.c 970 B
Black Wolf - Virus in C.mht 19.30 KB
Black Wolf -Combined Viruses.mht 16.91 KB 2.20 KB
BrosTeam Live Virus 987.31 KB
BugRegCon.vbs.txt 440 B
cH4R_ Real Polymorphic Engine v1.0b (Dec2004).zip 5.57 KB
cH4R_ Real Polymorphic Engine v1.5 (Jan2005).zip 5.76 KB
CIA v1.3 2.77 MB
CM’s Batch Virus Generator (Aug2004).zip 34.26 KB
CM’s Evil Tool (Prank Generator).zip 28.04 KB
Computer Virus as Artificial Life.pdf 88.29 KB
Computer Viruses-Evolution-KSAJ.pdf 629.77 KB
Computer-Generated Life.pdf 74.26 KB
Cookie Monster - Program from MIT Multics.txt 4.73 KB
cookie.pl1 4.73 KB
CWG 14.71 KB
DarkMoon Trojan 1.10 MB
DarkMoon Trojan v4.11 beta 1.48 MB
Darwin - A Game of Survival of the Fittest Among Programs.pdf 25.88 KB
Dav’s Virus Builder (Nov 2004).zip 1.85 KB
Dav’s Virus Builder B (Feb2005).zip 2.71 KB
DernWeb - Be Prepared A Paranoids Guide to Computer Ownership.mht 21.79 KB
Douglas McIlroy — Darwin- a Game of Survival of the Fittest among Programs.mht 20.81 KB
E-mail Virus Protection Handbook.pdf 5.84 MB
El-Trucha’s Virus Maker 2005 beta 39.28 KB
El-Trucha’s Virus Maker 59.27 KB
El-Trucha’s Virus Maker 59.34 KB
El-Trucha’s Virus Maker 36.37 KB
El-Trucha’s Virus Maker 36.42 KB
EPOC Virus 3.25 KB
Epoc.Orter (OPL Source Code).zip 1.12 KB
Excerpt from Friendly Spies - Peter Schweitzer.txt 5.68 KB
exe2vbs by z0mbie.exe 3.03 KB
Exploit.Win32.Unreal.a (Binary and Source).zip 7.58 KB
Falckon Encrypter 18.97 KB
FearFul Simple 5.68 KB
FIX-CIH (Complete Recovery of CIH-Destroyed Drives).zip 20.99 KB
Funky Deamon 1.89 KB
How BigBrother wants to get us down by Second Part To Hell.txt 17.68 KB
How To Trick Anti-virus Systems.mht 161.21 KB
How to Write a MAC Virus.txt 22.20 KB
Html 744 B
HTML.TrippleCheese.txt 6.96 KB
Huge rise in IM backdoor attacks.mht 198.80 KB 113.67 KB
IrcWorm v1.3 Source 33.91 KB
Java Script Dav Kit (JSDK - Feb2005).zip 2.89 KB
JavaScript VIRUS Generator v0.07.EXE 57.90 KB
KPWG 1.4.exe 31.50 KB
Live VIRII 100+ Total and some Sources for Anti-Virus 630.64 KB
Live Viruses 190 - .COM Files for Anti-Virus 172.13 KB
Live Viruses 3732 for Anti-Virus 4.30 MB
MAC OS Virii (infection collection).sit 411.25 KB
MAC OS Virii Archive.sit.hqx 548.02 KB
MAC OS Virus Reference v2.14.sit 41.64 KB
MAC Virus Asm Code.sit 34.90 KB
Malicious Mobile Code- Virus Protection for Windows.chm 2.85 MB
Methyl - Tunneling via Mini-Tunnelers.mht 88.72 KB
Microsoft Macro Virus Generator 148.64 KB
Microsoft Macro Virus Generator 151.81 KB
Microsoft Visual Basic Script Worm Editor 1.25 MB
MiniMo v0.7A Public Beta (Trojan).zip 2.16 MB 8.06 KB
Nature, The Evolutionary Origin of Complex Features 2003.pdf 421.24 KB
Nature, Twice as Natural by Richard E. Lenski 2001.pdf 139.71 KB 489 B
Notes On Metabolic and Evolutionary Conceptions of Life.pdf 21.63 KB
Nuclear RAT Beta v6.21 (Trojan).zip 788.74 KB
Online Interactive Neuro-evolution.pdf 100.82 KB
Opcodes 65.54 KB
Open Problems in Artificial Life by Mark Bedau.pdf 120.84 KB
p0ke Whole Site and 7.38 MB
Polymorphic Viruses - A Brief Survey by Shirlan Johnson.ppt 444.00 KB
Psychologic aka Puppy Whole 15.52 MB
RAR Packer Source Code.txt 4.96 KB
RCWG 33.41 KB
RCWG 33.74 KB
Real Artificial Life - Where We May Be by David H. Ackley.pdf 329.12 KB
Reverse Code Engineering - An In-Depth Analysis of the Bagle Virus v1.0.pdf 1.17 MB 176 B 197 B
Seed v1.1 RAT by Caesar2k (Trojan).zip 497.25 KB
Silent Downloader (Trojan Web Downloader).zip 18.96 KB
Slammer - Before, During and After.pdf 1.08 MB
Stealthfork’s Source Code Randomizer 5.97 KB
Stubbos Bot Public Release 125.21 KB
Stubbos.Bot.Public 298.91 KB
TechKiller (AV & Firewall Killer).zip 482.18 KB
The 1-900 22.15 KB
The ELF Virus Writing HOWTO.mht 20.38 KB
The Little Black Book of Computer Viruses by Mark Ludwig (eBook).pdf 1.39 MB
The Spread of the Sapphire - Slammer Worm.mht 155.53 KB
The Virus Hunters - PC Extreme (Mag Article).zip 2.26 MB
The Virus Researcher Handbook (3rd Edition).doc 469.24 KB
timed.exe 24.00 KB
Timed_open_erase_tool (LOGIC BOMB).zip 4.75 KB 11.92 KB 11.92 KB 5.80 KB
Trojans and Viruses by Vitaly Shmatikov (CS 378).ppt 295.00 KB
Trojans, Worms and Spyware- A Computer Security Proffesional’s Guide to Malicious Code.pdf 1.31 MB
TrojBrain.exe 147.50 KB
UniquE’s shitty COM Crypt 4.93 KB 5.54 KB 105.66 KB 4.96 KB 5.67 KB
VBS.Grouch.vbs.txt 21.80 KB
VEngine 0.txt 4.64 KB
Vesselin Bontchev - Are Good Computer Viruses Still a Bad Idea.mht 82.67 KB
Vesselin Bontchev - Vircing the InVircible.mht 181.80 KB
Virology 101 by Douglas 30.39 KB
Virus Bulletin October 2001.pdf 838.37 KB
Virus Collecting Magazine 68.56 KB
Virus Creation Kits (Menu).mht 59.21 KB
Virus.Win32.Ceel.a (live sample).zip 1.62 KB
Virus.Win32.Ceel.a (Source and Compiled Binary).zip 16.02 KB
Warning Virus! - .NET (Mag-Article).zip 1.93 MB
Win32.Astrix Source Code.txt 49.85 KB
Win32.Bodom Source Code.txt 12.83 KB 409 B
Win32.Gold (Source Code).zip 5.82 KB 67.94 KB
Win32.Insomnia Source Code.txt 10.02 KB
Win32.Mescaline Source Code.txt 15.99 KB
Win32.Norther Source Code.txt 48.48 KB
Win32.Retro (Source Code).zip 5.32 KB 55.06 KB
Win32.Sinapps v2.0 (Source Code).zip 6.35 KB
Win32.Sinapps 8.72 KB 7.47 KB
Win32.Sunday 55.88 KB
Win32.Voltage v2.2 Source Code.txt 97.22 KB
Wxp.FanToM Source 1.38 KB
w_vbsj.exe 40.00 KB
Yahoo Falso by 20.62 KB
Yet Another Binder (YAB) 385.75 KB
Zepherous MP3 Exploit Tool.rar 392.48 KB
Zepherous MP3 Exploit 400.27 KB
Zombie’s Code Mutation Engine 16.43 KB

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