wsScanner is a toolkit for Web Services scanning and vulnerability detection.

This tool has the following functions:

Discovery tool

By leveraging search engine this tool helps in discovering Web Services running on any particular domain or with certain name pattern.

Vulnerability detection

It is possible to enumerate and profile Web Services using this tool and one can follow it up by auto auditing (.NET only). .NET proxy gets dynamically created for audit module. One can do vulnerability scan for data type, SQL injections, LDAP/Command injections, Buffer checks, Bruteforing SOAP etc. It is also possible to leverage regex patterns for SOAP analysis.


This tool helps in fuzzing different Web 2.0 streams like SOAP, XML-RPC, REST, JSON etc. This module helps in assessing various different Web Services.

UDDI scan

It is possible to scan UDDI servers using this tool for footprinting and discovery of Web Services.

This tool is still in beta and they are planning to add some more features and support. Stay tuned for future releases as well.

More information and download details:

You can download wsScanner here:

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